Many women have been asking about my Simple Prayer Box and sharing my photos with their friends. I started this a few years ago when my I selected “simplicity” as my one focus word for the year. I wanted a simple method to organize my prayers and a method to intercede for family and friends. I’ve made a few changes since then and here is the prayer box I’m using today.

How to Create a Simple Prayer Box

You’ll need these items for your prayer box:

  1. Index card file box with key
  2. Index card blank tabs
  3. Index card 1-31 tabs (optional)
  4. Index cards

I found my file box at Walmart and another one at the local office supply store. You can also find them at Amazon in pretty colors: pink, white or silver and black. I was not able to find the index blank tabs locally so I bought them online.

Debbie Oliver Prayer Box

How to Use Your Simple Prayer Box

Organize your box using the index tabs. Here’s how I have organized my box using these tabs:

  1. Ministry leaders at Womens Bible Cafe
  2. Ministry Leaders in other ministries
  3. Scripture Verses- (Beth Moore SSMT my memory verses)
  4. My Bible study small groups
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Church- my local church, other churches, pastors
  8. Fasting- when I am fasting I keep cards on my prayers and answered prayers
  9. Prayer Room- these are the women who post prayer requests online
  10. Country and Government
  11. Daily tabs 1-31

Behind each tab I keep the names in alphabetical order, it’s easier for me to find the name of a friend and add her prayer to her card. If someone has a scheduled surgery, mammogram, doctor’s appointment, job interview, etc.- I use the numbered tabs and move her card there so I remember to pray for her on a specific date. I also use the numbered tabs to remember birthdays. Under monthly tabs I keep a record of the dates to celebrate the life of a loved one, anniversaries, or special events.

During my quiet time with the Lord, I pull a stack of cards and pray through them.  If I am convicted of a Scripture verse, I write it on the prayer card including the date. Several of my friends have breast cancer, so I keep all their names on a single card and set aside time to pray for them as a group. When prayers are answered, I write this on my card.

You could write the address, phone number and email of your friends on the top or back of the card. Then as you are praying send them a text message, or if you have the time, a handwritten card. Don’t complicate this…as you create your own prayer box pray and ask the Lord how to keep it simple so that you will use it.

I’d love to see photos and ideas from your own prayer boxes, so please post them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. These are wonderful gifts ideas for your girlfriends and Bible study leaders. It’s also a good activity for local small groups to create their boxes together.

Do not buy index cards at Walmart, I discovered the paper is really thin and doesn’t hold up well. If you want to save money, split the cost of the blank tabs with a friend, or don’t use the 1-31 tabs. Keep in mind this is something you’ll use for years, so the initial cost is small compared to the long-term use!

UPDATE: it’s been four years since I started this and I love seeing your prayer boxes. Women are telling me stories on how these boxes remind them to pray and what to pray. They are PERFECT GIFTS for friends and family.


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Locking Index Box (many colors available)

3 x 5 Index Cards

Blank File Tabs 

1-31 Daily Tabs

Le Pens

Notes: I tried the larger 4×6 box and it was too bulky, so I went back to the 3×5 box. I keep index cards near my computer and when I am online and see a prayer request, I write this on the card and put into my box so I don’t lose it.



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  1. Mindy

    I wanna start a prayer box for myself!

  2. Lisa Villanueva

    I am using a journal right now but I am loving the prayer box idea. It seems like it would be so much easier and better to keep organized.That would give me more time for prayer and the word. Love it.

  3. Marcia

    I always pray for someone as soon as I am asked too. That way if I can’t write it down or am afraid I’ll forget I know I have already taken care of it.

  4. Donna

    I have been so inspired by this blog. I am in the process of creating my own prayer box!

  5. April Furcean

    I love this and have made a prayer box for myself.

  6. Kay Briley

    I am using a journal right now but I think this prayer box is the way to go

  7. Susan

    I try to pray as I am thinking about them

  8. Amanda Hemperly

    I use a journal to record things and people I’m praying for, write out prayers to God like I’d write a letter to a friend, and record answers to prayer.

  9. Pam Davis

    I keep a journal but this prayer box looks more organized and helpful

  10. Michelle Garrity

    I need to start a prayer box. I thought a chalkboard might be fun, but this is a great idea!

  11. Anna

    I love this idea! I first heard of it from a Pastor many years ago. It’s a great way to be able to look back at what you’ve prayed for and when it was answered.

  12. Jackie Merrill

    I use a journal, so I can look back over the years and see how God has continued to work.

  13. Paula H

    This is a great idea! What a simple way to keep them organized.

  14. Janet Deniz

    I have index cards for each day of the week. It helps and then there are the ones that just come up.

  15. Tina

    I have created mine, using a monthly greeting card box… Monthly and group’s I am in, friend’s and other prayer request… With room to add!!

  16. Donna Renee' Salter

    What a GREAT idea! Thanks!♡ Be Blessed!♡


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