A blended family- we LOVE Online Women’s Bible Study Groups because of their uniqueness.

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FREE Online Women’s Bible Study Groups at the Bible Cafe™ where we study, connect and grow. The international Bible Cafe™ community offers a small group experience online. We meet through social learning groups. Our team of volunteer leaders will guide you through weekly discussion questions, prayer, and fellowship.

How to Join Online Womens Bible Study Groups

Step 1: Bible study groups meet in cycles of 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, or 12 weeks.

Because Online Women’s Bible Study Groups are discussing a specific theme, your DOOR to join will be every 2-3 months. The best advice is to join when you see a NEW study is “coming soon.” We promote our studies six weeks before we start.

Step 2: Get the study book.

Most study books/workbooks are available on Amazon, Christian Book, stores Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, or Kindle. We do our best to select books in digital format so you are not paying international shipping fees.

One of our Bible Cafe™ Directors is a missionary living in Mexico. She has completed nearly 100 online Bible study groups! Another leader is doing these studies with her adult granddaughter and they share using Apple Books.

Step 3: Join the Online Women’s Bible Study Group.

FREE Bible Cafe™ groups meet in a social learning group on Facebook. We meet here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups

Step 4: Select the day and time you want to join us.

Our Facebook groups are free. Find the small group schedule posted at the top of the page, about 2-weeks before the study begins. Select the dayhttps://www.biblecafe.org/join and the time you want to join the Online Women’s Bible Study Group. We meet mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.  **Please note the phone/video groups are NOT free. These meet at Bible Cafe™ University

On the day and time you have selected, visit the social learning group and look for your GROUP PHOTO. The leader will post a photo with the day, time, leader name, and study name. She will post discussion questions under the photo and you will discuss the questions with your group members. Each group is one hour long.

The first meeting is an INTRODUCTION week. In this meeting, you will meet the leaders and learn about Online Women’s Bible Study Groups’ work. Come join us! Our groups are a blend of beginner to advanced Bible study students. We are diverse in age, denominations, locations, relationship status, and more.