Welcome to our Bible Cafe™ study as we begin One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer. Priscilla is passionate about the Word of God and it is always a joy to learn through her teaching. We begin our six-week womens online Bible study with an introduction. For this study, we are using the workbook (white cover). Priscilla Shirer also has a “chapter” book with the same title (blue cover).

Our goal this week is to answer the question: How does online Bible study work? When you SHOW UP, we answer that question on the very first day!

Before we begin reading One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer, make sure you have signed up for this study. We ask that you will pray for the women leading this Bible study and that you will pray for each other as we study, connect, and grow.

We’ll begin our womens online Bible study today by gathering for an introduction small group session. For Bible Cafe™ study, we meet virtually and discuss the Bible once a week. You will be joining a small group with a leader and co-leader. At the introduction small group meeting, you learn how this works.

Some people like the benefit of the audio and video sessions for the study. These resources are available from Lifeway and convenient to have. If you were sitting in a local church small group, they usually include a video session followed by a small group discussion.

Here at the Bible Cafe™, we do things differently because we are geographically separated in many time zones and countries. While do recommend the Priscilla Shirer audio/video sessions* due to the cost, they are optional.

You can rent or buy the audio/video sessions at Lifeway. I enjoy listening to the sessions on phone. It’s nice to refresh the message of the Bible. Sometimes we want a second cup!

Let’s get started!

Christine Abraham writes for the Bible Cafe™ community. Learn about living by the Fruit of the Spirit as you enjoy her online Bible studies. Join Christine at the Bible Cafe™ University for weekly Bible teaching.