We’re catching up with the Womens Bible Cafe™ and reading week five of One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land. This week of study is specifically about breaking barriers as we find our destiny in our wilderness journey. Now it’s time to turn, change direction with a new course, and go forward. The Israelites are breaking camp and moving in a new direction of their journey. They’re finally moving towards the Promised Land, after camping for 38 years and waiting for direction from God.

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Imagine the life changes that occurred during those 38 years, as children were born, elderly were buried, marriages made and a cultural identity was created under the leadership of Moses. They are now ready to leave the comforts of their home, and move onward in their journey.

Moving forward in the journey to the promised land, we read about obstacles in the path of destiny. Priscilla Shirer has listed some Bible Verses to be used as defensive weapons against enemy attacks. Hopefully you took time to write these on a note card and keep a copy for handy reference.

My friends your power over Satan is the Word of God and your knowledge of it. Study your bible, and never put it down! Like Moses, we need the continuous presence of God in our lives in order to fight the flaming arrows. Complacency is not going to win the battle.

Another strategical error is running ahead of God, not listening for His direction, and taking things into our own hands. A quick glance at one of those bumper stickers reading “Never drive faster than your angel can fly” should give you a good perspective-SLOW down! Listen for His voice and direction and if you are uncertain, wait and be still. God will answer in His intimacy with your.

Lack of faith stops the believer’s journey with God at the edge of the promised land. -Priscilla Shirer


Father, you bless us with Your presence today, as we come to you with open hearts ready to listen and study your word. We pray to fully see the breadth and height of the abundant life God which you have created for us. Fill our hearts with knowledge of the JOY you have planned for us, the unlimited LOVE you have for us and the eternal HOPE you give us. We praise you for being the creator of all things, and the author of our promised land. Amen.

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