My crazy devotional adventure started with an answered prayer. Each year for 40 days, I challenge myself and deepen my faith. And so, I remember praying “God, what do you want me to give up for the next 40 days.” Maybe you have prayed this too?

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Expecting the usual coffee, sugar, or food answer… I was frustrated when my heart tugged with an answer I did not like. It felt like the answer was to read daily devotionals. Then I prayed for discernment on which devotional to read, and I did not like the answer: “Ten per day.”

The rebellious child inside my heart immediately disagreed. And so, I tried to negotiate myself out of this crazy adventure. I wanted a traditional 40 day fast and not something weird. But the more I wanted to fast from sugar or bread, the stronger the conviction was to read devotional books,

Read 10 Devotions a Day For the Next 40 Days

My threshold for boredom and attention to busyness were bookends of complaint. These thoughts were persistent. Yet sitting in the quiet place of my prayer room, it was not negotiable. I knew I would now read a total of 400 devotions. Ugh.

After the first week, I noticed the words in these ten books were blurring together. They were not feeding my soul or guiding my day. Although I selected different authors and themes, my reading became routine. Boring.

The remedy was to split my books into two stacks of five, then read five in the morning and five more in the evening. It was a bit easier. But I wrestled with reasoning “why” I was on this crazy adventure.

After my 40 days were complete, I archived the ten devotional books back onto my bookshelf. It was a strange calling, and yet I faithfully obeyed.

“This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you.” -Jeremiah 30:2 NIV

Now, years later, I am blissfully writing my own devotional books. Perhaps, God had a plan and a purpose.

He was teaching me sentence structure, format, emotion, and message. What an amazing Father, to know my every need.

Be Blessed!

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