Business Coach Sandi Krakowski teaches, “The number one thing entrepreneurs can do is work on their mind.” As a member of her Inner Circle Mastermind group, she’s consistently teaching us to expand our thinking and overcome our limiting beliefs. This past month Sandi facilitated four webinars to help us conquer a poverty mindset.

We can have all the right tools for our business and ministry but with limiting beliefs, we never achieve beyond our self imposed limits. Such as the poverty mindset.

Why the Mindset Coaching Was Important to Me

In the Christian community its uncommon to confront limiting beliefs about money. Poverty is perceived more valuable than prosperity. So when a pastor or leader teaches on this topic, several judgmental people will silence the conversation or label it “prosperity gospel.”

Therefore, to break free from this and stop limiting my belief about how God blesses us, I had to break off the belief that I must remain poor in order to be a good Christian. Its not true and is rooted in both pride and false humility.

3 Most Important Things I Learned in Mindset Coaching

Lesson 1: Poverty mindset is generational. My parents were wrongfully judged, falsely accused, and harshly judged by my grandparents. My grandparents mocked my parents as “materialistic”  for driving a Porsche and living in a wealthy community. To earn my grandparents love I limited myself to earning just enough for my needs and stayed within THEIR comfort zone. My grandparents were raised during the Great Depression and carried this money-mindset into future generations.

Lesson 2: God didn’t give me money so I could give 100% back into the church. Knowing I was tithing ALL of my income into my ministry was holding back our growth. As a church family we pull together and help cover the costs of the services. Everyone makes a difference, not just one woman.

Lesson 3: You can’t get rid of a poverty mindset unless you forgive those you judged. Sandi Krakowski recommends counseling for those places of wounding. During the coaching experience, I sat down with my husband and in a brutal conversation we confronted resentments about our marriage. Thankfully we both apologized and he sent the most beautiful flower arrangement to reinforce the renewed commitment we made together. 

flowers from my husband

Where I Am Now After the Mindset Coaching

After the Inner Circle Mindset Coaching I began to see I’m not living how God designed me to live. The process of peeling away events of my past have freed me for a limitless future. I didn’t see myself living victimized by money, yet the mindset impacted so many of my decisions and relationships.

Money has the power of life and death. People fight for it, steal it, kill for it and abuse it. This was my poverty mindset before the coaching with Sandi Krakowski.

Today I’m wiser and fully aware of the benefits of being blessed by God. When I use my talents for His purpose and calling, I am rewarded and I don’t need to feel embarassed or shamed for His gifts.

It took many years to put on the poverty mindset, and breaking free from this will be an ongoing and exciting adventure with God.

My new self imposed constraint: I’m only allowed to work for a paycheck. Telling people “I’m the longest volunteer” or “I never get paid for pouring out my time and resources” is a false humility.

In my ministry groups I’ll be sharing some deep and personal experiences about breaking my poverty mindset. Many of the stories are related to family members, so to honor them I will not post these online. The revelations on how the poverty stronghold attached to me and how God sent a prosperity angel are thrilling! My life is forever changed.

What I Expect to Happen By Applying What I Learned

After the mindset coaching I’m going to PIVOT and do something NEW.

Most of my Christian life I have experienced this false belief: poverty has value and wealth is judged. My turnaround is knowing God blesses each of us in His unique love language. For someone it may be the Rolex watch, for another it may be the Hawaii vacation, or remodeling her home.

We are not called to judge how God blesses His adorable children.

The Bible affirms Abraham, Job, David, and Solomon were wealthy and blessed. Their blessings were not hidden from view and they demonstrated financial success without shame.

I can too.

My next steps are to read books recommended by Sandi Krakowski during the Mindset Coaching and apply what I’ve learned. I’m beginning a new decade of income-earning work and I’m no longer permitting myself to sabotage God’s blessings for me. His Treasure Box has opened WIDE (and yours can too if you study the poverty mindset)!

My favorite Sandi Krakowski quote: “Money comes from God, not people”


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