Melissa Spolestra is a popular Bible study author. Bible Cafe™ students have enjoyed the writing style and teaching methods of this author. We completed her first study called Jeremiah in 2014. Over the years she has written even more Bible studies. Melissa Spoelstra Bible studies are memorable studies. Together with her editor, Melissa incorporates different teaching methods in her books. We found these quotes to be most memorable.


When you share a quote please attribute to Melissa Spoelstra as the source. Quotes are gathered from Twitter posts, Facebook posts, videos, internet searches and published works. This page is updated with new content, so suggest a quote in the comments area and contribute to this research.

Melissa Spoelstra Quotes

“Sometimes God’s Spirit jolted the people awake like an alarm clock, and other times He moved them with a gentle call.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“We can grow impatient and experience anxiety when God pushes the pause button in our lives.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“The fruit of God’s Spirit pouring forth from our lives provides a witness of God’s love and grace to those around us.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“God sent the Holy Spirit with wind, fire, and inspired speech.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“Ordinary people can be used in extraordinary ways when God’s power flows through them.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“The early Christians prayed for spiritual rather than circumstantial favor.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“We want to awaken to God’s message because it’s the only one that really matters.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“As we look at historical movements of the church, we see that the pendulum has swung back and forth from an overemphasis on truth to an overemphasis on grace.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“We need to ask ourselves if we’d rather hear comforting lies or painful truth.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“Freedom isn’t always what it seems. What looks like freedom might actually be bondage to sin.” -Melissa Spoelstra

More Quotes By Melissa Spoelstra

“God is always communicating, and we can hear Him more clearly when we practice listening.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“Awakening to God in everyday life frees us to focus on God amid all the distractions that vie for our attention.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“The Holy Spirit can transform us so that whether people throw roses or stones our way, we are not deterred in our pursuit of God.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“We will never argue anyone into the kingdom.” -Melissa Spoelstra

“God will bring the fruit while we focus on faithfully spreading the seeds.” -Melissa Spoelstra


Source: Acts Awakening to God in Everyday Life by Melissa Spoelstra, Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN., 2021.