Love and Respect written by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is a turning point for any marriage, healthy or not. Decoding the Love and Respect Relationship is the central theme of the book, based upon Ephesians 5:33. We want these basic needs fulfilled and without them, our marriage becomes a bitter battleground for the enemy.

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Most often we read the book because someone recommended it. When my spouse handed me a copy with the words “I saw this guy talk at church and I think we should take the marriage classes” I resisted the temptation to throw the book in the trash and filed the book on a shelf for the next two years. Recently I found an opportunity to read the Love and Respect book and discovered that my initial reaction was wrong. This is not just another “how to fix your marriage” book.

A few sections of the book made me defensive and uncomfortable. I discovered a key component lacking in my marriage and how the Love and Respect cycle was inherited from my family. While the methods are simple to follow and implement, it required the effort of twenty-four chapters to get me from Point A (resisting) to Point B (embracing) the Love and Respect method.

I could spend less than a week reading the Love and Respect book and learn Biblical solutions to any relationship. My time was well spent reading this book!