We’re on week six of Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore. Welcome to the Bible Cafe™ as we study, connect, and grow. We can’t love people if we don’t have the patience to deal with people or the circumstances we may find ourselves in.

Patience: The ability to endure and persevere with composure in challenging or difficult situations.

We know that we are to exhibit patience toward others because God exhibited patience toward us. Looking at the “ungrateful servant” (Matthew 18), we see the consequences of not exhibiting the patience that is granted to us. What an amazing thought to see ourselves through the lens of the Bible. From the worldview perspective, lack of patience is a commonly accepted behavior.

We are challenged by Beth Moore to consider the world WILL NOT help us in this regard. Again, the world is not prepared to exhibit patience in our fast-paced society, as everybody wants everything right now. We are asked to show God’s patience towards others the way that He shows patience toward us every day.

In the Bible we are asked to bear with one another; to endure…to exercise restraint when dealing with people. That does not mean that we are to be doormats and gluttons for punishment. What that means is that we are to be slow to respond negatively to persecution and hardship. We guard our hearts and mouths against gossip, slander, and anger

In the Bible Cafe™ small groups, we talked about Biblical forgiveness. We learned that we cannot walk in step with the Spirit if we are so busy keeping a record of wrongs. Biblically, we give Satan a foothold as he notices the division between us as individuals and between us and God.

You cannot be free to keep in step with the Spirit when you are encumbered by the load of unforgiveness. –Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore