Welcome back to our Bible Cafe™ study of Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore. This week learned about the second Fruit of the Spirit- Joy. Perhaps you are craving joy or experiencing abundant joy. In either case, let us look at this with a biblical lens.

Joy: A deep sense of inner gladness and contentment that transcends circumstances.

We see how a path of discovery can bring us joy that surpasses understanding. Paul and Silas showed such joy even during the very difficult trials they faced. Imagine being in prison and singing songs of praise to the Father.

Yes, we may suffer for “a little while” but GOD is faithful to us and will restore us if we are willing to seek Him first. God the Father disciplines us because He loves us and we are His children, much as you would discipline your children.

Beth Moore writes, “When we allow GOD to train us so that receiving and obeying His Word becomes our “high” we will know the fullest expressions of His joy.” Beth has such wonderful insight; to know that even if we have lost our joy we can reclaim it by just continuing to praise Him and depend on Jesus.

As we learned this week, Paul and the apostles suffered much during their ministry. Yet their joy was deep and abounding. Not only did their joy come from knowing Christ but also from sharing that joy with others.

As our Bible Cafe™ study continues, Beth encourages us to “enjoy the body of Christ”. If you aren’t involved with a group of believers, try to take the time in the coming weeks to explore the many opportunities in your community to fellowship with others who share our faith.

A life without Christ is a wasted life. –Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore