Welcome to our Bible Cafe™ study for Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore. Beth launches us into the heart of God and the gift of the Spirit as we read through the first four chapters of Galatians. Get the book and come join us for online Bible study.

By now you’ve noticed Beth is using the NIV bible. I’m using the Life Application Study Bible. Many of you are using online Bibles such as Bible Gateway, Bible Study Tools, or YouVersion to research the verses.

Our reading this week started with a view of hardship. Sometimes, we are placed in trials of persecution and God’s glory shines through us. But trials can also make us easy targets for the enemy of God. When we are unfamiliar with Scripture and not carrying His Word inside our hearts, we’re easy prey.

Look back on your own life when you were lacking in Scripture knowledge and your attempts to battle Satan. Who won the battle then?

We are reminded this week in Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore: without knowledge of the word of God, your battle is lost.

With Bible Cafe™ study and perseverance your battle is won. Place your feet on the path of faith and learn Scripture day-by-day over the next ten weeks of study with me.

One of the most important lessons this week is found on day three, Beth Moore’s list of the “Ten Characteristics of the Crucified Life.” It’s important to understand how and why God gifted us with the Fruit of the Spirit.

The father of lies, Satan, wants us to believe we are not deserving of the Spirit. He makes us think we are too sinful for the Spirit to dwell inside our hearts. I hope you understood this week that as Believers, we know righteousness, grace thankfulness, and joy.

The enemy will do everything he can to discourage you from allowing God into your heart. -Beth Moore