Welcome back to online womens bible study as we discuss week seven of Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  We’re looking at some controversial topics in this bible study and this week we examined biblical truths about having children.

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Some of you may have skipped over this chapter because you do not have children. I encourage you to go back and read this chapter for three reasons:

  1. God may place you in a position to minister to someone who has children or is planning on having children
  2. God may place children in your life who need mentoring, such as nieces and nephews, or children of coworkers and friends
  3. God may place you in a ministry role where you are working with children

There is no good reason for you to miss reading this chapter! Please remember as Nancy teaches on these controversial issues, she is reflecting her understanding of Scripture. You are not required to agree with her, however it would benefit you to search Scripture and find your own answers for anything you disagree with.

This week we looked at five lies:

  1. The lie that children are a burden
  2. The lie that children need exposure to culture
  3. The lie that children must go through a rebellious stage
  4. The lie that children are believers because of actions at an early age
  5. The lie that parents are/ or are not responsible for their kids actions

Were you amazed when Nancy said it’s a lie to expect rebellion from our children? I can recall a few Bible stories about rebellious children, yet Nancy wants us to see the good in our teen children and not anticipate or tolerate the worst in them. As Christian parents it’s imperative that we monitor our children’s activities and maintain open communication with them. By spending time in their activities we’re able to influence them in some of the decisions they make. Many times we discover our children are trying to help their friends solve a problem and we need to be a voice of knowledge for them.

Finally, Nancy discusses the lie that we’re not responsible or overly responsible for our children.

Often I remind myself that my daughters belong to God, not to me. I’m their caretaker and a leader as I teach them to live according to Scripture and to love Jesus. Ultimately they are responsible for their own actions. I pray constantly that their hearts and minds are centered on God. -Christine Abraham

Auhtor Carol Kent writes about her personal experience When I Lay My Isaac Down: Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances as she discusses keeping her faith after her son murdered a man. This book is powerful!

For Next Week

  • Pray for the women who are doing this study with you.
  • Read Chapter Eight in your book and companion guide.
  • Look at the list of Key Resources on page 269 for topics addressed in this book
  • Check in with your Small Group Leader

Have a great week…share what you are learning with others as you grow in truth!
God is good…always!

Lies Women Believe Bible Study (starts May 5th, 2022)