The Bible Cafe™ is open as we discuss week five of Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  Your season of life will impact how you answer the questions about priorities this week. Single women, married women, college students, single moms, grandmas and empty nesters all have different priorities. Women who are caretakers for their spouses or special needs children have different priorities. College and single women exploring the dating field have different priorities.

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One priority we all have in common is our need for time with God. -Christine Abraham

This week we learned how our schedule and daily activities reflect our values. We had a chance to re-examine them and see if they’re in alignment with Scripture. Pray and ask God what His will is for your life.

If you are home caring for someone in need, know that this is a season God has placed into your schedule. If you are attending college and challenged by the exams and environment, know that this is a season God has placed into your schedule. If you are working outside the home to provide for your family, know that this is a season God has placed into your schedule. Seasons can and will change. Through these seasons we discover Christ and who we are in Him.

No matter the season, it is imperative that you place God first in your life. Place God first before your spouse, children, education, career and ministry or missionary work. Place God first in your daily schedule and include him in your “to-do” list as you schedule Bible study and prayer time with Him.

Believe it or not…each and everyday Jesus is sitting beside you waiting for your attention. He waits for you to talk to him as a friend, spouse, mentor, teacher and more.  He sees you in your daily schedule…my question is…do you see Him? -Christine Abraham

If you read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver then you’ll remember Martha is the woman who takes on every role and task. And so, she  misses the opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus. “She is the original Martha Stewart, the New Testament’s Proverbs 31 woman, and Israel’s answer to Betty Crocker,” writes Joanna Weaver. Her busyness keeps her from her intimacy with God. Since Mary prioritized her time, she knew when to sit and be still.

The story of Mary and Martha was never meant to be a psychological profile or a role play in which we choose the character with whom we most identify. It’s the story of two different responses to one singular occasion. In it, we should not find our personality type, but the kind of heart Christ longs for us to have. A heart centered in him alone.”  Joanna Weaver

Adjust your priorities. Make room for God and you’ll have no regrets that you put Him first. Nancy reminds us to “ask God what adjustments He wants you to make in your schedule, so that you can be sure you are glorifying Him and fulfilling His agenda for your life.”

Assignment For Next Week

  • Pray for the women who are doing this study with you.
  • Read Chapter Six in your book and companion guide.
  • Look at the list of Key Resources on page 269 for topics addressed in this book
  • Check in with your Small Group Leader

Have a great week…share what you are learning with others as you grow in truth!
God is good…always!

Lies Women Believe Bible Study (starts May 5th, 2022)