Welcome back to the Womens Bible Cafe™ as we discuss week two from Lies Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss. Last week we asked you to find one Scripture verse that would help you walk away from Satan’s lies and more than 100+ of you replied! Great job ladies…..you inspire me as well as the others who are participating in this online Bible study.

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After our study this week, I was recognize how Satan planted the seeds of deception in my young life. When I was 12 years old my beloved uncle lost his life to lung cancer. Because of this, I assumed a false belief that God was not good. During my college years and prodigal run, I wrongly believed God did not love me, God could not see me, and God was only good to certain people.

Since God didn’t answer my prayer to spare my uncle’s life, I assumed He did not love my family. I walked in the darkness searching for a love only God would be able to provide. We can’t hide from God under false assumptions and lies; we’re only hiding from ourselves. Through Bible study, God has shown me Truth and set me free!

My life was transformed when I saw the goodness of God. He didn’t just push an “on switch” and transform me. Instead He walked me through painful events while I was seeking Him. Over time, I started to see the God whom I had abandoned in unbelief. I saw a Father who loved and cared for my family, and I saw God was good. It was during these trials that I needed Him, trusted Him and gave my life to Him.

Today I see God as my Father, not a punisher. I see myself as His daughter and I see my circumstances as His will and an opportunity to learn and grow near to Him. God is my Rock and I will never again be shaken by unbelief.

When I changed my view of God, I changed my view of myself. -Christine Abraham

Lies Society Widely Accepts as True (answers from our students during last week’s group discussion)

  • …the lie that we should all be superwomen. Tend the family, work the job, keep the house, spend NO time on ourselves!
  • …the lie that I missed the mark, will never live up to God’s standard & will only tread water with mediocre ministry.
  • …the lie that it’s OK to charge that now. Just pay it off in a year….
  • …the lie that you must go to college, find a great job, have a successful career, find a great husband, have children, buy 2 cars, 1 house, and etc.. etc.. etc.. IF YOU don’t do these things, you are nothing and your life doesn’t matter.
  • …the lie that I cannot stand up for myself without coming across as a jerk or for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings.
  • …the three lies: that I am unsuccessful, unattractive, and insignificant,
  • …the lie that there is no value in taking care of the home and children, and that women need a fulfilling fast paced career in order to feel valued.
  • …the lie that I am not good enough in my marriage
  • …the lie that to be successful, loved, respected, women must be young, beautiful, thin, groomed and dressed very fashionably and expensively.
  • …the lie that women need to be busy and I thank God for His Word and commandment to rest.
  • …the lie that we have to control most things in our lives and are not taught to rely upon God and put our faith in him that he will take care of us
  • …the lie that is continually accepted by society: Racism
  • …the lie that we need MORE,MORE,MORE…..bigger is better, new car, new hourse, it is ok to be in debt, everyone else is…….the lie that money and objects make you happy.You have to have lots of “stuff” to be happy or successful.
  • …the lie that if you do a good deed, then you will have a place in heaven.
  • …the lie of having to have/keep up a certain appearance….I mean, between the media, fashion industries & the Jones, this world has forgotten that none of that ever mattered…
  • …the lie that I can’t lose weight or I don’t look good
  • …the lie of doubting that God is in control and will take care of me, husband, and the rest of my family and friends.
  • …the lie of not being loved. I live alone and my children are not close. I can go for days and my phone never rings.
  • …the lie that  success is measured in dollars in our world and not in the health of our relationships with others – our God, our families, etc.
  • …the lie that I won’t be rewarded for the sacrifices I’ve made and that it won’t get better.
  • …the lie that you have messed up to much and will never be”God enough”
  • …the lie that wealth equals blessing
  • …the lie of blaming others for your bad attitude and not taking responsibility for it yourself.
  • …the lie that there is no absolute truth – all people’s beliefs are right.
  • …the lie that you need to preform perfectly to be accepted.
  • …the lie that women needing to be so “independent”.
  • …the lie that “It takes both parents working to make a living and provide for a family”
  • …the lie that said that God is not enough.
  • …the lie that you can do it my way and that you are a queen of your own destiny.
  • …the lie of Satan throwing the weight of my sins back on me daily… Shame, Guilt.
  • …the lie that ” As long as I’m not hurting anyone (or breaking the law), I can do what ever my heart desires. If it feels good, it must be good.”
  • …the lie that how you live will have control of your future destiny.
  • …the lie that “A fetus is not a baby”

From our group discussion, it’s apparent that we see and recognize the obvious lies. Yet when you look at our study this week, we now realize that some lies are less obvious. Some lies are deep inside our hearts, planted with a tiny seed that guides our decisions and beliefs. Some lies are formed when we are small children and some lies are formed as adults. As we continue this journey with Nancy Leigh DeMoss we’ll discover more lies we believe and the truth to set us free.

Author Nancy DeMoss has created a list called Countering the Lies with Truth. I want you to read this list in your book, and this time insert your name before each truth. For example, you will say” (your name) believes God is good and God does not make mistakes.”

Write these truths out or make a copy of this page and carry it with you until you have embedded the Truth into your heart and mind. We need to recognize the truth because there is so much pressure from family, friends and society to accept lies.

As you continue your study, know that your small group leaders are praying for you by name. We’re praying to stop any distractions or obstacles which might keep you from learning the Truth and completing this bible study. We know if you make it past the third week of study, chances are you’re going to persevere and finish the journey. If you feel like you’re struggling, falling behind or lacking commitment…I strongly advise you to email your leader or contact me so you will not stumble on the journey to freedom.

Assignment For the Next Week

  • Pray for the women who are doing this study with you.
  • Read Chapter Three in your book and companion guide.
  • Look at the list of Key Resources on page 269 for topics addressed in this book
  • Check in with your Small Group Leader

Have a great week…stay on track with your reading and may you grow in truth!
God is good…always!

Lies Women Believe Bible Study (starts May 5th, 2022)