Know Your Bible For Women has inspired this one-year devotional, a collection of 365 daily readings that focus on key Scriptures in biblical order—from Genesis to Revelation. This devotional is easy to read and understand. Key themes from the Bible are explained and common questions are answered. Someone new to reading the Bible will appreciate the simplicity. Each devotion ends with a three sentence prayer.
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This devotional is different, because it does not begin with a personal story. Each day begins with a Bible story. “Know Your Bible Devotions For Women” is a good way to remember key themes and events. Each day starts with a question, offers evidence from Scripture, and ends with a prayer.
As a Bible teacher, I enjoyed these daily reminders about favorite Bible stories. Applying the Bible today is a key message throughout. This devotional also includes a Bible reading plan for a deeper experience. Readers of inductive study will appreciate the “who, what, where, when, how, and why” questions before each daily devotion.This devotional book would make a lovely gift.
I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and purchased a copy for my library.

Book Description

You want to know your Bible. . .
need to know your Bible. . .
can know your Bible.

Inspired by the 3-million-copy bestseller, Know Your Bible Devotions for Women provides a reading a day for an entire year. Each entry emphasizes an important verse of scripture, offering background, insight, and an encouraging takeaway.

Over the course of twelve months, you’ll get a fascinating overview of all 66 books in order—an excellent primer if you’re new to God’s Word, and a helpful refresher if you’re already familiar with scripture.

Know Your Bible Devotions for Women also includes a complete, 365-day Bible reading plan if you want to go beyond the devotionals themselves. It’s an encouraging resource for readers from the teen years and up.