I wasn’t planning to update so soon on my last post “Christine Goes Keto.” However  I’ve received a few emails on this asking for updates. And on Sunday my sister asked at church “Why does your skin look so great?” To encourage my sister, I sent this as an email and then decided to share with you too!

My first six weeks on Keto… I started with 20 carbs a day. I got the keto flu (side effects not an actual flu virus) so I drank SMART water with electrolytes and it helped. My doctor said carbs should come from vegetables. I used a Keto blood meter (link below) and only eat when hungry. I’m rarely hungry now. Too many carbs can knock me out of ketosis (like Thanksgiving dinner) and trigger sugar cravings. I bounce back super fast if I fall out of ketosis…just one keto meal and I’m back on track again.

Since starting the keto diet, I went off my thyroid meds at my doctor’s recommendation and I’m able to adjust my brain fog by the foods I eat (or don’t eat). Remember, I did this with my doctor and it’s NOT safe to diet without a doctor recommendation. Before doing this I had a complete physical exam, heart test, and blood tests.

🍳 Breakfast – choose one

  • Omelet cooked in butter, with ham, cheese, and sliced avocado. Canadian bacon.
  • Eggs with nitrate free bacon (I like Sunday Bacon brand)
  • Rocket Fuel / Bulletproof Coffee (research it)

I got bored with eating eggs daily, so I changed to the coffee drinks and they keep me full

🥗 Lunch- choose one

  • Nitrate free hotdogs, cook in oven (research it). Top with shredded cheddar and butter
  • Nitrate free lunch meats and cheese, no bread

Now that I’m in ketosis, I am rarely hungry for lunch so I just eat a slice of cheese and some almonds instead

🥓 Snacks- so many choices!!! and chocolate…LOTS of chocolate.

  • rocket fuel / bulletproof coffee
  • Bacon
  • “Chocolate Fat bombs” (research recipes)
  • Trader Joe’s almonds

🥩 Dinner- any meats

  • Broccoli cheese soup (the carbs are in the broccoli)
  • Chicken (numerous recipes for low carb chicken)
  • Burgers with sauteed onions and mushrooms, no buns
  • Cube steak with onion and blue cheese
  • Slow cooker pot roast with balsamic vinegar and soy sauce

Most of my carbs are now at dinner, and I carefully look at the carb counts.

My Favorite Recipes and Sites For Keto Eating

I watch the serving sizes and the carbs.

What are the Keto Blood Test Numbers

Easy Keto/Low Carb Recipes on Facebook 

Where I Get My Stuff for Keto

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Sunfood Cacao Butter (one bag lasts a LONG time)- I found it here at Amazon

Trim Healthy Mama Collagen (I have tried three brands, this is still the best for me)- I found it here at THM

Keto-Mojo to measure my blood ketones (I am prediabetic so this is important for me)- I found it here at Amazon

MCT Oil for my Coffee (I tried several brands, this one works best for me)- I found it here at Amazon

MCT Oil with a lid that pours better (my second favorite)- I found it here at Amazon 

Simply Keto Cookbook (the snacks are great in this book & the Rocket Fuel Coffee)- I found it here at Amazon 

Lilys Chocolate Chips – I found it here at Amazon

Silicone Molds for making chocolate fat bombs – I found it here at Amazon 

NutraBullet Blender (my last one blew up I used it so much)- I found it here on Amazon

More Thoughts on Keto

Point #1 It was super helpful for me to join “keto for beginner” communities online. They had great resources but eventually it was too much information and I left the groups I joined.

Point #2 It’s easy to tell when I am in and out of ketosis, after eating this low carb diet. Most of the “results” show up in my intestines. When I get too many carbs my stomach feels crampy and discomfort. Which reminds me…getting to this place resulted in lots of stomach discomfort and the loudest stomach noises I’ve heard in my life! It was crazy!!

Point #3: Net carbs can move me out of ketosis… so I had to stop buying Atkins products.

Point #5: My husband and teenagers like this eating, the food is fantastic. We eat lots of cheese, meat, nuts and veggies. Kids are no longer craving salty potato chips and the bread I buy them is going untouched and into the trash. Our taste buds have changed…which was unexpected.

Point #6: As I prayed over this my heart was drawn to my grandmother and my childhood, where meals were simple and convenience foods were just coming into the market. Keto eating is going back to the lifestyle of my ancestors, without so many additives and preservatives.


I was caught on church cam with my sister 🙂