Kelly Minter Bible studies are popular with our Bible Cafe™ community. Her Bible studies are a wonderful “living room” experience, complete with recipes to share. Here are quotes from Kelly Minter studies. Get on-demand access to these Kelly Minter Studies at the Bible Cafe™ University: The Fitting Room: Putting On The Character of Christ, All Things New: A Study on 2 Corinthians, What Love Is: Letters of 1, 2, and 3 John, No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern-Day Idols, Ruth: Loss, Love, and Legacy, and Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break.


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Kelly Minter Quotes

“One of the beautiful parts of having a relationship with Jesus is how personal and intimate it is.” -Kelly Minter

“Sometimes I have to remind myself how much God wants to be known.” -Kelly Minter

“Jesus our Advocate, meets us- not at our point of achievement- but at out point of failure!’ -Kelly Minter

“Keeping God’s commands is not a condition for our salvation but a characteristic of it.” -Kelly Minter

“Our love for Jesus will have a bearing on the way we live our lives.” -Kelly Minter

“Everyone has a different opinion of what love is.” -Kelly Minter

More Kelly Minter Quotes

“God has taken us as very desperate sinners and formed us into saints.” -Kelly Minter

“A person is not somehow safeguarded from selfish ambition and pride just because he or she is in ministry.” -Kelly Minter

“What we treasure apart from God is where we find our idols.” -Kelly Minter

“In order to stick with the truth, we must know it.” -Kelly Minter

“To think we are unaffected by what we watch, read, or listen to is deceptive thinking.” -Kelly Minter

“Many who consider themselves Christians barely open the Word.” -Kelly Minter

“At the end of the day, it’s between I AM and everything else. Because we cannot serve both.” -Kelly Minter

“It finally occurred to me that it was okay if I didn’t fit in. As a matter of fact, I realized I didn’t want to fit in.’ -Kelly Minter


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