In the sixth and final week of Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer we are hit with the possibility that things do not go as we had hoped or planned. As Priscilla noted, we plan things out and just ask God for His blessing on them. We feel that what we want to do for God should be good enough. One of the main reasons for this is personal comfort.

We do not like to do things that make us uncomfortable, so we seek out comfortable things;e, even though they may not be what God has called us to do. No matter what happens, God is still on the throne. He always has been, and always will be.

Priscilla Shirer writes about making “unspoken deals” with God. For example, IF GOD… (does something), THEN I will (do this). This was an interesting “pause” in the workbook. I have not bargained with God. Making a deal with God demonstrates self-will. This is worldview negotiation…not a Biblical relationship.

Jonah loved God “but still seemed to love his way a bit more.” I believe Jonah is delivering a message through the lens of his own cultural and historical background. So there is a portion of the message which is from the human heart and experience. A prophecy is different than a message. because a prophecy is a direct revelation from Heaven, It must be carefully tended and accurately delivered.

When fasting my obedience is delayed. I seem to do fine with a ritual fast- such as 40 days or Lent. I struggle when it comes to food fasting because I confuse this with dieting. He is still working on me in this area. My emotions tell me “entitled to eat this” and God says “You need to fast from that.”

Priscilla Shirer reminds us about the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge of Scripture. Head knowledge says “I got the degree in Biblical study and put that on my wall of success.” Heart knowledge says “I will never understand all the mysteries of Revelation. I will never understand why God does some things on earth. But I do understand…He is the love of my life and the hope of my future. He is not a degree on paper.” He is a Living God. Not a textbook god.

If you do not feel transformed yet…hang in there! Faith is a journey, not a destination!!! We all walked one step at a time…

“Divine interruptions have had a way of making me more aware of my inconsistent heart,” Priscilla Shirer.

The recent 2020 interruptions have exposed my attitude toward the church. I saw I was attending to make friends, enjoy music, visit family, and be educated with a good sermon. Having this denied by the pandemic lockdowns, I now realize I should be going to WORSHIP the Lord. That is the meaning of church and I lost sight of this. His church, His sermon, His music. I misplaced the focus of my heart. Now I crave the opportunity to worship God again in His church!

When I do not feel the Holy Spirit in the church, it’s probably me attending for the wrong reason. When I show up and WORSHIP the Spirit of God is there. Magnificently there!!! Music can be off-key, the pastor can be off-topic, and friends can be having a cranky day. Yet the SPIRIT is there when we WORSHIP.

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