Week five of Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer is certainly one that makes us think. It should make us prayerfully take a look at our own lives to see if we are obeying God, even in the seemingly small things. As I watched the video and worked through the material, I felt God pressing on me the urgency of this message.

God does not look for perfect people that can handle things on their own. If that was the case, we would all be in big trouble. God looks for people who are willing to be obedient in both the large and small things.

Priscilla Shirer writes God places priority on “reaching the lost with the opportunity to receive His compassion.” God makes us- His children- eyewitnesses. Look at the 66 Books of the Bible and eyewitness accounts of history. Now look at today. You are His child, His eyewitness, His legacy of faith story for this generation. Live that out!

The religious stronghold says “They are hypocrites.” The Spirit of God says, “Be visible even when you are flawed.” If the world is looking for unflawed Christians, they are not going to see the visible God until the Second Coming of Christ. So help them see God now, this generation, through our weakness and eyewitness stories. Be His Witness.

Think about an activity you have planned for today. How can you turn your normal daily activities into an opportunity to make disciples?  I am making disciples at home, with two college daughters living here while remote learning. They have both been tempted by worldviews. Both have unsteady feet. God is giving me the opportunity for them to HEAR. As I pray over them, as I attend online church, as I minister to others in my work. They HEAR even when they are not on solid ground with Christ. May Christ in me …be louder than their social networks

This week we examined the “thorn in your side” as it relates to Paul (2 Corinthians 12:7). How does the thorn in your side keep you humble?  The thorn in my side helps me see my faults from Heaven’s view. With the torn, I can see how the roots of my heart need tending by Jesus. With the thorn, I can see where I am weak and Jesus is strong.

Every day of my life. I am most thankful God is in the ER waiting room, the Principal’s office, and the holiday meals where the drunk guest shows up. In my wildest dreams, God will heal cancer, mental illness, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and afflictions. God is there, always!

As we see in Jonah, prophecy is sometimes filled with short messages. The value for Jonah in delivering his short message- he hoped they would NOT repent and be saved. How tragic! God has a bigger plan as we see soon. The value in modern prophets with a short message- it has not been diluted or polluted by the heart of the prophet and comes directly from God.

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