After finishing week one of Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer, there are many thoughts that we are left with and a few challenges to propel us forward. We learned there is a great difference between an interruption and a Divine Intervention. 

Too often we either ignore them or outright run from interruptions. But why run? When we are uncomfortable, we run. When His plans do not suit us, we run. When we want something different, we run. When we are afraid, we run. But what if we are running from God’s awesome presence and power? This changes the perspective, doesn’t it?

Perhaps WE tamper with our own goals? We can listen to the narrative of God as we “find time” to read the Bible. Or we can listen to the narrative of the news and have LOTS of time for that

If God’s trademark is LOVE and I am not obedient and surrendered to this, I am probably walking in my trademark. Or Satan’s. The question is WHO told us our plans are better than God’s? (satan did)

Let’s stop comparing our relationship with God to someone else’s relationship. We use the wrong measuring tools when God says “go” and we look to a human lifeline for confirmation! Learn to know God’s voice and heart. Then we are certain of His will and His calling for our individual lives.

In the Garden of Eden, sweet Eve was not certain about eating the apple so she consulted A SNAKE. My friends, do not consult serpents, mediums, astrology, and fortunetellers. When God speaks, do not allow an evil spirit to “confirm” or you will have a codependent relationship with the wrong spirit, not with God! Pay attention to what your mindset is speaking to you. Ask “Is this the Holy Spirit of God?”

We will have times of easy obedience and times of challenges to obedience. Your choice! These obedience tests are to show YOU what God already knows about you. His vision on earth…

God KNEW Jonah was bitter and angry and afraid. So He had to SHOW Jonah this … when He told Jonah to go to Nineveh.

Disobedience does not test God’s character; it will test yours.

Priscilla Shirer writes, “God’s calling you means He has chosen you above anyone else.” How does this statement make you feel: prideful or loving? I am delighted that God cares and wants to partner with me!! Very loving.

When God chooses us…gives us a tiny test of obedience or a larger one. He shows us we are NOT orphans. We are not abandoned. We have His spiritual family and He becomes our Father on Heaven and Earth!!

Starting the Bible Cafe 10 years ago, was a huge interruption to my career in real estate. Years of training, designations, client portfolio, and wisdom…just vanished as I moved in this calling. I never realized this would be a lifetime career in ministry. I had to pivot!

The story of Jonah reveals these characteristics of God: sovereign, deliverer, merciful, and righteous. Which characteristic do you need most in your current season of life? After you have your answer, go to the Bible and find a verse related to that characteristic.

Memorize the Word.

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