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Not feeling close enough in your relationship with God? This could be your solution for transforming faith!

I am writing to God’s church, to the women who call themselves Christians in a modern world: singles, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, widows, engaged, divorced, separated. To the women who work outside the home, the women who are caring for family members inside the home, the women who are deployed and protecting their countries, military wives, the women who are in college, and the women disabled or battling illness.

Are you walking in your identity as a woman beloved, treasured, valued, and forgiven by the blood of Christ? Do you wake up each morning and praise the air your breathe, knowing it was created by God Himself? When you sleep at night are you tucked under a blanket of confidence, security, hope and peace? These promises belong to every Daughter of the King!

If you asked me this same question before my transformation I’d be hiding under a sackcloth of shame, afraid to look another Christian eye to eye and be judged for my mistakes. My sin identified me as a woman who abandoned unconditional love. I was walking in the valley of the lost- a prodigal who had forgotten her Father’s love. I was miserable inside, polished and pretty on the outside with the emptiness of a lost child.

When I realized my identity was a lost prodigal away from the love that created me, I had an urgent desire to know Jesus. I realized I wore labels not designed by God: shame, unworthy, hopeless, unforgiven, unattractive, unloved. As I questioned “who told me that” the door started opening and I revived the faith inside my heart.

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How often do you release new couses?

We are uploading content five days a week to the membership site. Watch your dashboard area for announcements for our newest courses. Unlike Facebook, these studies are on demand and can be accessed and completed whenever its good for your schedule.

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Our volunteer leaders are not medical professionals and unable to assist you with mental health. We invite you to join us for Bible study discussions and we will pray as a community together. Everyone is welcome!

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There are numerous maintenance costs in running a beautiful learning environment at the Bible Cafe™ and our monthly or annual fee helps offset these expenses. Most are technology fees, plus database fees and advertising.

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We are an inclusive ministry and do not divide our members by age. Our community is a mixture of women who are single, married, widowed, divorced, and separated. Everyone is welcome!

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As women on a journey of transforming faith we believe it’s essential to offer various study experiences to our community. We alternate publishers and authors, long studies with shorter studies, topical studies with historical person studies.This blend of coursework keeps us from attaching to a particular author so we become dependent on the Holy Spirit as our primary teacher.

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