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The Bible Cafe™ is an online community for you to Study the Bible, Connect with Christians like you, and Grow closer to God.

I am writing to God’s church, to the women who call themselves Christians in a modern world: singles, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, widows, engaged, divorced, separated. To the women who work outside the home, the women who are caring for family members inside the home, the women who are deployed and protecting their countries, military wives, the women who are in college, and the women disabled or battling illness.

Are you walking in your identity as a woman beloved, treasured, valued, and forgiven by the blood of Christ? Do you wake up each morning and praise the air you breathe, knowing it was created by God Himself? When you sleep at night are you tucked under a blanket of confidence, security, hope and peace? These promises belong to every Daughter of the King!

If you asked me this same question before my transformation I’d be hiding under a sackcloth of shame, afraid to look another Christian eye to eye and be judged for my mistakes. My sin identified me as a woman who abandoned unconditional love. I was walking in the valley of the lost- a prodigal who had forgotten her Father’s love. I was miserable inside, polished and pretty on the outside with the emptiness of a lost child.

When I realized my identity was a lost prodigal away from the love that created me, I had an urgent desire to know Jesus. I realized I wore labels not designed by God: shame, unworthy, hopeless, unforgiven, unattractive, unloved. As I questioned “who told me that” the door started opening and I revived the faith inside my heart.

Why did I create this ministry for you (and me)?

Hi, I’m Christine Abraham an ordinary woman called by an extraordinary God. Friends are amazed when I tell them how I started the first online Bible studies almost 10 years ago.

My story on launching Bible studies for women is an intimate love story, how God found me and pulled my heart back to His. As a woman transformed, it’s Christ in me who accomplishes “all this” and I’m a vessel in His hands. He called me to start these online Bible studies when He showed me the REAL STRUGGLE women faced trying to get to a local church.

I know. I was a woman who struggled.

Raising a special child and working from home, I looked forward to that one day a week for self-care. I’d take off my “mom jeans” and put on something pretty, blow dry my hair, and tidy up my weary face with my favorite lipstick. Next I’d feed my kids a healthy meal, instruct the babysitter on their needs for that day, and drive off to my local church to meet friends (and Jesus) around a small table.

Then it happened.

The phone pinged on silent mode. Again, again, and again. A crisis calling me to immediately come home and away from self-care as I put my family first (again).

Soon I saw my friends engaged in similar difficulties. Many dropped out of the small group because the challenge of getting there was too difficult.

  • Martina dropped out and spent a year living in Children’s Hospital caring for her 2-year old daughter with leukemia
  • Carol was a local celebrity and everything she said was local gossip by the end of the week
  • Fatima was in a wheelchair, with an oxygen tank
  • Susan was a pastors wife and struggling to be transparent while others judged her
  • Asha was asked to leave the group because her theology was “too charismatic”
  • Karen was a teacher at our Christian school and unable to fellowship because of her work hours

While their names have been changed, their stories are true. Many women felt LEFT OUT, JUDGED or MISUNDERSTOOD in their local study communities.

It’s not a reflection of a broken church. This a reflection of a woman seeking TRANSFORMATION of HER heart.

Seeing the difficulties women faced in local community groups, God placed it on my heart to invite 14 women to a WILD idea… let’s meet online for Bible study. That calling turned into 200,000+ women and an international ministry where woman are transformed.

He can turn your CALLING into HIS work too.

Many women from our online community have become leaders at the Bible Cafe™ or have launched their own online ministries. Others have mended their tender hearts, transformed, and rejoined local church studies with their confidence in Christ.

As many women tell me, “Christine, God knows the need and why He sent me here to the Bible Cafe today.” Yes…He definitely knows your needs.

I’m here to MENTOR YOU along with a team of Womens Bible Cafe™ volunteers. Everyone is welcome!


Who is this for?

The Bible Cafe™ is for women on a journey of transforming faith. She could be a new Christian, a prodigal returning to God, a woman exploring different church denominations, a woman unable to attend the local group meetings. or a woman without a church home.

She begins her journey with us seeking a place to STUDY, CONNECT and GROW.

She may have zero experience with Bible study or be a longtime student of the Scriptures.

She might live in the USA or internationally in countries where women CRAVE Christian community.

She’s seeking a deeper understanding of God.

She’s cultivating the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and living a life anchored to the heart of Christ.

The Womens Bible Cafe™ is not a counseling ministry. We welcome hurting women to our community and will love them as sisters in Christ but our focus is on Bible study experiences rather than counseling.