Charles Stanley writes beautiful books. His 365 devotional book Jesus Our Perfect Hope is a wonderful book to read. In fact, I enjoyed this so much that I bought 40 copies of the devotional book and gave one to each of my volunteers at the Bible Café™ Ministry. It’s a prefect keepsake book.

(image: unsplash)

Here’s 3 reasons why I enjoy reading (and gifting) this devotional book.

First, Jesus Our Perfect Hope 365 Devotional by Charles Stanley is visually attractive. The outside cover is a soft imitation leather in a warm coffee color. It looks great sitting on the bedside table. Or next to a filled latte mug! The inside pages are visually attractive too. A warm bled of colors highlight quote boxes and daily words to ponder. I like feasting my eyes and heart on these daily truths. And, the book has a bookmark ribbon, which is very convenient and thoughtful for any reader.

Second, the book is rich in wisdom. After years of pastoring and studying the Scriptures, Charles Stanley has a classic voice. He’ll be remembered for his truth-telling stories, even when we don’t like them. He’ll be remembered for his unwavering devotional to God. These are evident in his literature writings, making this devotional book a timeless classic.

Third, this author is not shy about calling for godly repentance and obedience. Refreshing in a modern world. While I enjoy reading modern theologians, pastors, and authors too, sometimes its refreshment to go back to classics. Like Charles Surgeon. Or Charles Stanley.

Charles Stanley Quotes

“My hope is in Jesus because He lifts me up and transforms my life.” – Charles Stanley

“My hope is in Jesus because He satisfies my soul.” – Charles Stanley

“One of God’s great blessings in life is godly friends.” – Charles Stanley