Writing It’s Momplicated book has changed the life of my friend and mentor Debbie Alsdorf. From the time she conceived the idea of mother wounds until the completion and publication… I’ve watched her transform.  She has labored through the past with encouragement from her coauthor Joan Edwards Kay. Both women birthed a life-changing message for mothers and daughters- you’ll want to read this book!

Let’s face it: when it comes to mothers and their daughters, things can get a little . . . complicated. Momplicated, you might say.

Although the story of my mother-daughter relationship is wonderful, many friends have experienced fractured or broken relationships. My mother and grandmother had troubles of their own and I found its effects followed me into adulthood, just as the Momplicated authors explain in the book. Because of this I am excited for Its Momplicated book to get into the hands of my friends and to become a coffee-table discussion at local and online cafes. This is a HOT topic on generational relationships and how they impact our lives today. Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay discussed Its Momplicated on the Today Show and as my friend Debbie often says, “It’s not about me it’s bigger than that!” The book gives women courage to address their mother-daughter relationships and ignite healing. It’s never too late to love, never too late to heal, and never too late to trust God to turn the pain in your story into a redemption song. As you read It’s Momplicated, you’ll realize that while God doesn’t promise to fix all your circumstances, He does promise to uphold you and lead you to a healing place of knowing you are truly precious and loved, no matter how your past has affected you.

It’s Momplicated Online Bible Study

The Womens Bible Cafe™ is facilitating a discussion through our membership site (not on Facebook). Included with your Bible Cafe™ membership are seven teaching videos from authors Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay. Our conversations on the membership site are more intimate and private, only visible to membership site users.

You can join us beginning September 24, 2018 as we read and discuss together in our membership community, or access the study on-demand and read through at your own pace.

  • Module 1: Introduction: My Mother—My Heart
  • Module 2: Every Woman Has a Story—Every Woman Has an Imperfect Mother
  • Module 3: Every Woman Carries Her Mother’s Mark—Every Woman Can Live a Better Story
  • Module 4: Mom, Where Are You? Mom, Will You Keep Me Safe?
  • Module 5: Mom, Will You Teach and Guide Me? Mom, Will You Celebrate Me as a Unique Individual?
  • Module 6: Healing Starts with Facing Reality—Healing Continues by Living in the Truth
  • Module 7: Healing Can Happen in Your Current Relationship—Changing the Legacy You Leave

It is the authors prayer that God will use It’s Momplicated to meet you on your personal journal toward a healthier you and a healthier relationship with your mother. As volunteer ministry leaders, the Bible Cafe™ is not a place of counseling or therapy and if you struggle in this area we recommend seeking local resources for healing.

Where to Buy the It’s Momplicated Book

It’s Momplicated by Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay available from these stores:

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Image: Debbie Alsdorf

Today Show Interview on It’s MomplicatedWatch Here