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Bible Cafe™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • We require all members and guests to follow our community guidelines
  • When is the next study?
  • Do I need to have previous Bible study experience? Not at all, come join us!
  • How do I subscribe to updates by email?
  • How do I unsubscribe to the emails? At the bottom of every email is the “unsubscribe” button. Click it.
  • Why don’t I get the weekly email updates? Look in your SPAM folder or promotions folder and add us as a safe domain.
  • What happens if I start late or take a week vacation and fall behind? Join any group at any time or join the membership for on-demand studies.
  • Where do I find the completed studies? Members have access to completed studies, discussion questions and more with on-demand access.
  • Where do I post a prayer? In our Facebook group look for the prayer photo posted each month. On members site visit Prayer Wall


  • What are you reading this month?
  • Where are the discussions? We meet in a private group, join here:
  • Do I need a workbook or study guide? No, this is an informal reading group focused on entertainment.
  • Do I need to read all the books of the month? We offer several genres- choose one or more!
  • How are books selected? We pray.
  • When do you announce the books for the next month? We select and announce books at the start of each month.
  • Where do I get the books? Amazon, Christian Books, Barnes and Noble, Lifeway Stores, Walmart, Target, local library.
  • Where is the reading schedule posted? We discuss books the last week of the month.
  • Where are the book discussions? Look for discussion photos with book cover and post your answers under the photos.


  • Where do we meet for the FREE Facebook studies?
  • Where do we meet for the membership site Meet-ups? Look on EVENTS tab for schedule. You will receive login password to the teleconference calls by email.
  • Where is the small group schedule? Look on EVENTS tab for schedule. Also Pinned post at the top of Facebook group.
  • When is the small group schedule posted? Usually one or two weeks before we begin.
  • Am I assigned a group? No. Select the day and time you want to attend. Show up and look for group photo on that day/time.
  • What day and time do we meet? Facebook small groups are available seven days a week, mornings, afternoons and evenings.
  • How long are the Facebook small group meetings? One hour.
  • How long are the membership site Meet Ups? One hour.
  • How do I join a Facebook small group? Show up on the day and time you want to attend.
  • What if I missed a small group meeting? All groups will welcome you, select another day and time in the week.
  • Can my friends see my comments? Only women in the private Facebook group or membership site can see your comments.
  • Do I need to have a Facebook account? No, you can join our membership site
  • Where can I share a prayer request? Post prayers and answered prayers in your small groups anytime in the week. If you are not connected with a group, look for the prayer photo in our group and comment there so our prayer team will see it.
  • Are these groups video recorded so if I miss one then I can watch later? No. For privacy, the groups are not recorded with video. Look for the group photo if you miss your regular meeting, and comment under the discussion photos labeled Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.
  • How do I leave the Facebook group? Click “leave group”


  • When do I start reading my study book? The first day the study begins, Monday, read week one day one.
  • Where do I find the books? Amazon, Lifeway, Christian Books, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target
  • Can I use an eBook such as Kindle? Yes, if available in electronic format.
  • How much are the study workbooks? The author and publisher set the price.
  • Where can I find the OPTIONAL audio/video segments for the study? Videos or audio for individual use are available at Amazon or (copyright law does not permit us to share these in our Facebook groups).
  • Membership site has exclusive teachings from authors, Bible Cafe™ leaders, and guests.
  • Where can I find the Answers to the Video Sessions? Look on publisher’s website, our Facebook group under files tab or our Bible Cafe™ members site under the course module.
  • Do I need the leaders guide? No.
  • How do you select the books for the WBC? We pray.
  • What Bible do you use for online study? We recommend using the same Bible translation your local church is using. The inside cover of every book always lists the translation the author and publisher are using for that study. You can find many translations via or
  • I can’t afford the book, do you have book scholarships? Our leaders are volunteers purchase their own study books for individual use. We do not have the funds to purchase yours. We plan ahead in our budgets for ongoing Bible study by saving $1.50 a week in a coin jar until we have enough for our study books. You can also choose another online ministry with a “SOAP study” using the Bible and no other teaching materials. Or ask a family member, friend, or local church to provide a book if you are in financial hardship.
  • I want a “Bible only” study, do you have that? We use study books written by various Bible scholars and teachers, similar to a college course. Look for a ministry using the SOAP study or join a local Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group. Our Bible Cafe™ membership site offers a 365 Bible Study Course with journaling videos




  • For your personal safety, we do not recommend giving out your phone number, home address, email or any other personal information to the women you meet online.
  • We recommend following Facebook privacy recommendations and setting your profile content for “friends only” rather than “public view.” Read the safety terms from Facebook


  • The Womens Bible Cafe™ name has been in use since 2009 and is associated only with the ministry of Christine Abraham. The use of the name Womens Bible Cafe™ or Bible Cafe for Women™ or a variation of the name with any other Twitter, Yahoo, Pinetrest, Instagram, Facebook group or page is strictly prohibited.  If you are a participating in WBC online Bible studies and would like to make Facebook pages for your local groups, please do not use the name Womens Bible Cafe™ or Bible Cafe for Women™ or Bible Study Cafe™, WBC, Mens Bible Cafe™ or a variation of our name.


IF YOU ARE BLOCKED We love all women who follow our Facebook pages and join our groups, however when guidelines are violated then you will be blocked. The most common reason for blocking:

  1. Impersonating our ministry and using our images for your profile and pages (causing confusion)
  2. Inviting women from our groups to join your group and/or adding them without permission (harvesting)
  3. Putting others down/bullying (causing discouragement)
  4. Your account was hacked and you are posting porn or spam (causing offense)
  5. You blocked our admins or leaders (causing confusion)

Contact our admin team and ask to be unblocked.

About Us

Welcome to the Bible Cafe™ founded in 2009 by Christine Abraham

The Womens Bible Cafe™ (WBC) is a virtual, shame-free, non-competitive, learning center created to support a daily practice of Bible study.

WBC supports you in finding your identity in Christ, through togetherness in a global community with the same purpose: to live a connected and purposeful life. 

Basic user access is available to anyone who has read and agreed to our Community Guidelines:

  • Basic Access User (free): Connect with us through the Facebook groups for online Bible study (OBS).
  • WBC Partnership (paid) allows you the following options:
    • WBC eCourses
    • Teaching Videos from Authors & WBC Leaders
    • PDF Study Guides
    • Virtual Bible Study (VBS)
    • Mentoring
    • Completion Certificates
    • Becoming a Leader

The Bible Cafe™ facilitates eCourses for spiritual development. Our members Study, Connect and Grow.