Grace For the Moment by Max Lucado is beautifully written and published. This Christian devotional contains 365 inspirational thoughts for each day of the year. I started reading my devotional around Easter, and I have not been disappointed after 40 days of devoted study. I like the book so much that I also purchased Grace for the Moment Volume 2.

(Image: Unsplash)

Although 90% of my Christian books are in Kindle format, I still enjoy printed books such as this one. What makes this unique is the softness of the glossy pages, the layout of the verses and commentary, and the lightly printed graphics on each page. The colors are relaxing and gentle…perfect for a devotional morning or night.


Each day of Grace For the Moment includes an inspiring word from 15 Max Lucado books. A great benefit to this book is the book reference on the devotional page, so if you like a particular passage then you know what book it was inspired from. You don’t need to shift pages and lose your place in an appendix or chart of references…it’s easily accessible right on the page. Over time as I highlighted my favorite passages I discovered which Max Lucado books I wanted to read next! I highly recommend this devotional book for yourself and as a treasured gift for a friend.