Have you ever traveled on unfamiliar roads and began to doubt if you were headed in the right direction?  Well, that is exactly what happened recently on our family trip home from Illinois to Georgia.  At the on-start of our ride, my husband and I had placed our home address in the GPS and were following the directions. 

As we began to travel down the road, daylight disappeared and night drew near.  At this point, the GPS redirected our route, and we found ourselves driving on unfamiliar roads.  My husband became very agitated and uncomfortable with the new directions.  He kept saying, I’ve driven through these States in the past and have never driven on these roads before!” “Are you sure we are going in the right direction?”  In an effort to calm his doubts and fears, I placed our home address in the GPS twice over, and received the same directions.  I assured him that the final destination on the route was to our residence.  Despite my reassurance, he continued to express his mistrust of the directions, and his desire to drive on the roads he was familiar with.  I was determined, however, to follow the GPS, and encouraged him to trust the directions and stay the course. 

As all of this was taking place on our ride home, I was reminded of how God redirects our journey in life.  There are times when we have plans to go in a certain direction, and while comfortably traveling on the route, something happens that disrupts our plans.  At this point, we come to realize that God is interjecting His will and the path he desires for us to take.  When God redirects our route in life, our responsibility is to submit to His plan.  We must trust that His way is the best way for us.  In the end, His purpose and plans for our lives will prevail, and we will reach the final destination He has purposed for us.

Today, my prayer is for trust.  Dear heavenly father.  Help me to trust you in the midst of unfamiliar territory.  When I am redirected by you in life to travel on unfamiliar roads, help me to follow your guide.  Give me the fortitude to stay the course, recognizing that you know the best path for me to take.  Help me to never doubt that you are near on my journey in life, even when others all around me are filled with anxiety and express fear.  Help me to follow your direction, by embracing the wisdom in Proverbs 19:21 that reminds me that in life “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”  Heavenly father, I trust the path you have ordained for my life, and willingly submit to your will.    Amen.


“I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.”  Psalm 32:8


Living in trust is remembering that God never directs me on a path where He will cease to protect and provide for me.  On a daily basis, I choose to follow His guidance for that day so that I will be productive in the things He has purposed for me to accomplish.  I intentionally live with my heart open to God’s redirection, and choose to trust Him, even in the midst of doubt and uncertainty.  I  rely upon the leading of Holy Spirit, who guides me on the right path.  I am grateful for His gentle nudging and whispers to go right when I’m tempted to go in the wrong direction.  I am living each day by “Faith over Fear,” trusting God to safely guide me to my final destination. 

Dr. Diana Moye Mitchell