For the past several months I have watched people struggle with difficulties. And so many are searching for Bible verses to remember God is in control. This reminds me of a helpful devotional book from Dr. Charles Stanley called God is in Control: An Unshakable Peace.

Fortunately, we live in a world with the answer — a wise and all-knowing Father. Yes, God is still in control. There are seasons in life when we need this comforting reminder. Maybe you or someone you know needs the reminder today.

Here’s the Reason Why We Wonder If God is In Control

Media. News stories are soaked with violence, offense, division and fear. Our perception of God is peace and green meadows. So when the world is a mess or people are thinking “the end is near…” our natural instinct will seek answers.

God Is In Control is inspired by a series of fresh messages from pastor and best-selling author Charles Stanley. His powerful message is simply that we can recognize, appreciate and rely on God’s sovereignty even when our whole world seems out of control. God is always at work for His beloved. In addition, Stanley blesses the reader with his own nature photography, offering unique glimpses of the natural beauty crafted by our very own Creator.

7 Reasons Why I Like The Charles Stanley Book God is In Control

  1. Kindle version has color images and is artistic. As we know, most ebooks are visually bland.
  2. Chapter themes are relevant and easy to understand.
  3. Focused prayers for each chapter topic.
  4. Anchored with Bible verses.
  5. Small gift format, hardcover, keepsake.
  6. Easy to read and understand.
  7. Small group gift idea.

Dr. Charles Stanley has said that if he weren’t a pastor, he’d be a nature photographer. His passion for this art has taken him all over the world. This book features not only Dr. Stanley’s words assuring us that God is in control, but also photographs that show us the Creator as seen through the author’s camera. Most of these stunning landscapes were captured by Dr. Stanley- including the Kindle version!

image course: Charles Stanley, God is in Control Kindle Version

Whether a graduate, parent or simply someone going through a challenging time, Charles Stanley offers direction, trust and hope. Let him show you how blessed we are to have a God who is always in control. A few years ago I bought several copies of this book for my family members as a keepsake gift.

5 Great Quotes From God is In Control by Dr. Charles Stanley

(Copyright © 2003 by Charles Stanley Published by J. Countryman®, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc)

  1. “Valleys in the Bible often are indications or symbols of times of difficulty, hardship, trial, suffering, and pain. Those valley experiences are inevitable in the life of every believer, because if you have mountains, you’re going to have valleys.” Dr. Charles Stanley
  2. “The peace of God isn’t something that you and I are brought into through some change of circumstance. Neither is it a matter of chance or of luck. It is a matter of choice.” Dr. Charles Stanley
  3. “All of us don’t suffer the same way; all of us don’t feel the same hurt. We don’t all feel the same pain, because we don’t see it from the same perspective. But it is important that we see it the way God sees it.” Dr. Charles Stanley
  4. “When the Bible says He’s the God of all comfort, it doesn’t make any difference what our affliction is; He’s always there, always ready, always sufficient to do it. What’s His method? His method is presence.” Dr. Charles Stanley
  5. “God is equipping you and me to be vessels of love, healing, and restoration to a world of people filled with pain, hate, and fear.” Dr. Charles Stanley