Gideon online Bible study is a great way to spend your summer in the Bible and in fellowship. We just finished reading week one in the Gideon workbook by Priscilla Shirer and this week we are having small group discussions. I’ve already heard a few women mention that this study is “deep” and “filled with wisdom,” so I hope your book has arrived and you are reading one lesson each day. 

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The story of Gideon is only found in three chapters of the Bible, in the book of Judges. For those of you who use online Bibles, pull out a printed Bible this week and see where this book is located in your Bible.  

According to the Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary, the author of the book of Judges is unknown, although Jewish tradition attributes the book to Samuel, without evidence to support the claim.  Most of the 12 Judges are from different tribes, as you saw on the chart in your Gideon workbook this week. Gideon’ story is recorded in Judges 6:1-8:35

Did you enjoy the walk through history this first week? Priscilla Shirer presented a few timelines, a family tree and even a circle of redemption to set the stage for our study. Powerful and impressive if you are a visual learner like me. I especially liked the chart on page 28, with the names of the Judges, identifying attributes and length of time.

We also learned this week that the Spirit of the Lord came upon the Judges. “God hand picked people for the job who were terribly flawed, then empowered them to fulfill these roles in spite of their shortcomings,” writes Priscilla Shirer.

Over and over the Bible teaches us that the Lord uses ordinary people for extraordinary purpose. 

You need to yield and allow the Holy Spirit to move in and through you, not just in a ministry calling but in everyday life. Really spend some time praying over your calling….and your role as a member of the family of God. May your words be pleasing to Him, may your heart reflect His love and Grace and may you shine the Light of Christ in everything you do.

Gideon Assignment For the Week

  • Read Week Two in the workbook
  • Listen to Audio Session Two or Video Session Two at (optional due to cost)
  • Join a small group discussion 

Gideon Bible Study (starts May 9th, 2022)