When I started LifeVerse Books in 2013, I was driven to help people find free Christian ebooks. Because where I live, my local library has a limited… very limited…selection of Christian books to read. Walking into my local library I would find limited choices in the category of Christian books. Disappointing.

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For several years, I donated Christian books to my local library. It seemed helpful to fill those bookshelves so other readers could experience the treasure of books that I have enjoyed. But then. I discovered they were reselling my donated Christian books and not making them available to borrowers. Disappointing.

Maybe you don’t know this, but I was a librarian for two Christian schools. And, I was the Chairman of the Scholastic Book Fairs at these schools. Books are my passion.

And so, the remedy for Christian book banning at my public library was to help others find free and discounted books. I served this faithfully until I passed the LifeVerse Books ministry over to my missionary friends. You can find some terrific daily ebook deals on their website: LifeVerseBooks.com

But, as our economy is shifting and I see people struggle to buy gas ($7.00 a gallon here in California), I want to help you save money. And so, I will be sharing FREE ebooks here. Each Friday.

It’s my job to research the free ebooks and create a list for you.

It’s YOUR job to grab them the same day! Free books on Amazon are usually 24 hours, USA only.

It’s also YOUR job to check my website on Fridays. Set a repeat reminder on your phone. Your FREE books list will be ready by 9 AM Pacific.

I’m not selling anything. Just making sure you have access to Christian books- for free!

In my home, we do not have cable television. Without the distraction of the morning or evening news, I have lots of time to read. And so, I set a reading goal of 20 minutes a day (or more). Sometimes, I set chapter goals, and decide I will read a chapter (or two) a day. That’s how I read 52 books in a year- and you can too!

How to Read Free eBooks

Download the free Kindle reading app to your tablet or phone.

Make sure when you click the “buy now” button, the price is still FREE.