Free Bible Studies

Free Bible Cafe™ study groups meet in many time zones.

Get access to free Bible studies. Try the Bible Cafe™ for free when you join a study. Get started today and study, connect, and grow with us. Everyone is welcome and groups never close. We’ve been leading free online Bible studies since 2009.

How to Join a Free Bible Study

It’s simple. Click the button below to join the free group and a volunteer will add you to our free Bible study group. Look at the top of the group page and you’ll see the current study schedule. You can also find the current study here –Bible Study

Who Started Free Online Bible Studies

The Bible Cafe™ community was founded in 2009 by Christine Abraham. She says: “Getting to local church groups was a challenge for me. Upon arrival, I saw other women struggling with commitment too. So in 2009, I asked 14 women if they wanted to join me in a WILD idea: Online Bible Study! The concept grew into a community and inspired online Bible studies around the world.”

When Do Bible Study Groups Meet

Our free Bible Cafe™ study groups meet in many time zones. We have volunteer leaders from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and United Kingdom. The flexible days and times allow international women to participate in free Bible study. Women with flexible job hours especially like the convenience of our groups. 

What Do You Need to Participate

Similar to local church studies, we use study guides written by Bible scholars and teachers. These guides help us study the Bible, connect with others, and grow our faith. We do not sell study guides. Most are available from online bookstores.

You’ll need a Bible in your favorite translation. Free Bibles are available online or through APP stores.

Having the desire to know Jesus is essential to learning.

We’ve saved you a seat at the Bible Cafe™ so bring your coffee or tea and join us- virtually!

Written by Christine Abraham | Bible Cafe Coach @BibleCafeCoach

CHRISTINE ABRAHAM is a Writer Redeemed by Christ. Lifetime Bible Reader. Coffee Drinker. Beach Walker. Mother of Girls. Bible Teacher. Founder at Bible Café™ Ministries.

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