Do you want to grow closer to God through fasting? Not everyone can tolerate a 40 food fast due to health concerns, so the Womens Bible Cafe™ is having a 40 DAY FINANCIAL FAST. During these 40 days you’ll learn the Biblical methods of fasting with the goal of a financial breakthrough.

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Perhaps you’ll want to breakthrough:

  • Financial debt
  • Overspending
  • Problems with money
  • Poor stewardship
  • Increase in money based on Biblical values (not prosperity preaching)

Prepare for a life-changing experience as you are fasting 40 days. This is not just a physical fast  where you give up sugar or coffee- instead you’ll learn spiritual fasting. You’ll be fasting from online shopping, unnecessary spending, and anything else the Holy Spirit places in your heart.

After completing Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey, I decided to do a financial fast with my family. We fasted from all luxuries: pizza delivery, Starbucks, movies, entertainment, etc. We saved an amazing amount of money in those 40 days, and then we gave ALL the saved money to charity, even though my husband was laid off towards the last week of fasting and we really needed that money! We were faithful to God, and He was faithful to us. We learned how to live with ‘less’ so when we had a desperate need He already prepared us to live with less. God is good!

7 Things You’ll Gain During the 40 Day FINANCIAL FAST

  1. Fast and pray according to God’s will
  2. Fast and pray according to Biblical principles
  3. Fast and pray in faith believing
  4. Fast and pray in fellowship
  5. Fast and pray continuously
  6. Fast and pray to be cleansed of sin barriers
  7. Fast and pray with a great number of people

If you’ve never fasted financially, I recommend reading this book: Fasting for Financial Breakthrough by Dr. Elmer Towns, the co-founder of Liberty University and Dean of the School of Religion – CLICK HERE to ORDER BOOK (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Let’s not fast alone. If you are married or in a relationship, invite your spouse or significant other to join you. If you’re single, ask a friend or family member to join you. You’ll appreciate the accountability partner on the days when the fasting gets uncomfortable or you’re tempted to stop before the 40 days are up!

SIGN UP for 40 DAY FINANCIAL FAST- starts Wednesday February 18, 2015

Will you join us for these 40 days of FASTING? We begin on Wednesday February 18, 2015 and we’ll finish on Easter Sunday.

  1. If you want to SIGN-UP please post a comment below. Tell us if you are going to do this with or without the book Fasting for Financial Breakthrough by Dr. Elmer Towns. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)
  2. If you have a favorite book on finance, share the book title in the comments below and I will add a few of these to my reading list during the 40 days we are fasting.
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