Are you listening to the Holy Spirit while you are fasting? Dr. Elmer Towns reminds us, “We think more clearly during a fast than at normal times; we can learn more naturally while fasting.” If we sat down to talk about our fasting experience at the Womens Bible Cafe™ I’d share what I’m hearing inside my heart and I’d listen to your heart too.

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As I’m fasting the Holy Spirit is saying “Wait for Me.”

This is my personal testimony and I am not a financial advisor or giving financial advice. I am simply sharing my personal decisions, led by the Holy Spirit and a 40 day fasting experience. 

  • Wait for the Holy Spirit before I click a buy now button for a Bible study book, replacement contact lenses, or supplements my doctor recommends. Is it Friday and payday? Wait for the money to arrive before I shop.
  • Wait for the Holy Spirit before I enroll in a college class without tuition assistance or scholarships. Do I want to incur debt, drain money from my bank account, or feel frustrated because I’m drawing more out of my bank than I’m depositing?
  • Wait for the Holy Spirit before purchasing a coaching class with a limited time offer. Is that in my business budget? Do I have the immediate funds in my bank to pay the cost, or am I borrowing against the future?
  • Wait for the Holy Spirit before I spend the tax refund. The Father sees the future before I do, and He knows what I need that money for. Repainting the house….pray on it? Is the fence falling down, the car mileage higher then it’s intended use, the water heater beyond it’s lifetime expectancy?

“Think again about marathon runners. They need constant practice to develop long-range endurance. So we need a long-term commitment to build up our faith.
While we’re asking for money, God may be saying, ‘Wait.’

What do we do while we’re waiting? We build up our faith by praying for it.” Elmer Towns, Fasting For Financial Breakthrough

Wait for the Holy Spirit. My personal action plan. This is not intended to be financial advice and is sinply a testimony of what I am doing while fasting 40 days.

  • Build an emergency fund for unplanned expenses, so I’m not overwhelmed emotionally and financially when I need a home repair or car repair.
  • Look at my existing coaching classes and evaluate the effectiveness. Have I completed the classes 100% or am I rushing through them without implementing the concepts or revisiting the teachings. Am I absorbing too much too fast? Do I have a time budget for the exact day and hour to study and learn, or is this a hobby when I have the free time?
  • Research scholarships, tuition aid, methods of reducing the out-of-pocket costs to finish my college degree.
  • Order my Bible study books or medical supplements on payday, when the money is already in my bank account. Don’t wait until the last pair of contact lenses are sitting in the case; plan ahead and re-order on payday with cash or the debit card.
  • Use a Bill Pay feature with my online banking, and when the bills arrive don’t put them into a pile on my desk. Open the bills, pay attention to what is due, the amount due, and the date due. Input the payment date and amount into the online banking, and prioritize bills before shopping or spending.

The Holy Spirit is not saying “You’ll never last the 40 days, so give it up.” That’s the flesh speaking words of discouragement.

The Holy Spirit is not saying “It’s impossible to pay off that debt.” That’s the flesh speaking words of fear.

The Holy Spirit is not saying “It’s all your fault and you deserve financial ruin.” That’s the flesh speaking words of shame.

God speaks TRUTH.

As we are fasting, our hearts and minds are more receptive to hear Truth and think clearly. Keep fasting…

Financial Fasting Scriptures to Study or Memorize

You do not have because you do not ask. James 4:2 (NASB)

If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help… Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. James 1:5 (Message)

If we know that He hears whatever we ask, we know that we have what we have asked Him for. 1 John 5:15 (HCSB)

Tip: using your cell phone, snap a photo of these verses so you can find them easily

Steps For Spiritual Growth

  1. Fast and pray according to Biblical principles. Don’t draw attention to your misery like the Pharisees. Fast for God and not for your self-interests. Listen to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Devise a plan for your emergency fund. Read: 9 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund
  3. If you are working on a degree, read: Getting Your Degree on Plan B
  4. Book: “Fasting For Financial Breakthrough” by Dr. Elmer Towns, read chapters 3 and 4 (optional)
  5. Join us on Facebook for daily prayer and community support:

Let’s Study and Grow- Answer These Questions

  1. Finish this sentence: the Holy Spirit is telling me to wait before ____________________
  2. Finish this sentence: the Holy Spirit is NOT saying ____________________________
  3. Finish this sentence: the flesh is speaking words of ____________________

Know that as I am fasting with you, I pray for the LORD to remove mountains of debt, restore financial peace, and bring blessings in Jesus name. May you see the Living Father working in your life today!