Congratulations on completing The Extraordinary Power of Praise at the womens Bible Cafe. During our time together, I enjoyed the free expression of worship and emotion. It was refreshing to see our faith from this viewpoint.

At the end of the study book, Becky Harling summarizes practices to strengthen your spiritual journey. My favorites include Sitting before the Lord, journaling prayers, raising hands in worship, dancing before the Lord, and praying Scripture back. But I still need to develop gratitude, one thousand gifts list, and read a Psalm aloud each day. I’d like to develop SPEAKING the Word, not just reading it daily. So I will read the Scriptures aloud and not just in my heart as I do now.

When we are happy and joy-filled, we radiate the love and light of Jesus. It’s a victory dance, a song of worship, and a reminder of our faith. Praise God in the great congregation; praise the Lord in the assembly of Israel. Psalms 68:26 NIV

Words bring life or death. Worship together brings life to the congregation

What is the alternative to praise? The songs of anger, fear, sadness, or victims. When I sing praises to my Lord, I am changing the status of my heart. I am changing the strength in my mind. I am shifting the atmosphere around me the with the power and blood of Christ -in me.

The Bible isn’t “Jesus in a box, take Him out once a year for Christmas.” If you have studied beside me for these many years, the Bible is a Living Word, with Christ in you, 365 days.

Becky Harling writes, “Eternity starts now. Make it your practice to live now as you will then.”

Sing a song for Jesus!

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