The Extraordinary Power of Praise Bible study is helping us understand the Holy Bible. Are you enjoying the Bible Cafe study and lessons as we study, connect, and grow? According to Becky Harling, “Waiting is a foundational spiritual discipline for the believer.” Like Becky, I believe waiting strengthens our souls.

Waiting strengthens my spiritual muscles. If everything was given without the WAIT then I might mistake God for the genie in the bottle. He is God, He is patient, He is instructional, and He is caring. When I am waiting, I see more of God and less of me. A beautiful relationship and experience.

Last week I shared the verse I wear on a silver necklace. A reminder to Be still and wait for God. The world wants quick answers. I want God’s will and I will wait for Him.

Biblical trust is when I put my anxieties, fears, and uncertainties into the palm of Our Father. Because I have no worries about what He is capable of doing with them!! It is a personal surrender to His will instead of mine. When He commands a defense, I defend. When He commands an offensive move, I act upon that in trust. As David does with Goliath, the trust is in God’s strength and His will.

In God I trust. In God, I trust again. In God, I trust forever.

In God is my strength. In God is my hope. God is my identity. God is my future. God has never failed me.

The Bible says: But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me. Psalms 13:5-6 NIV

Here we see that David’s confidence was not from his job description, army, family, wealth, or friends. He had 100% confidence in God because David KNEW God and had a relationship with Him. That…is wisdom.

In the waiting season, we are often tempted to doubt the goodness of God.  And so, I have personally turned OFF the news in the waiting seasons. Why? It’s full of fear. When I am waiting God says “Do not fear.” He says “Trust Me.” When I listen to anyone or anything other than God, I might waver in my courage.

Just like Becky Harling, I PRAISE in the waiting season. I witness faith, hope, and love. That is the calling of a disciple.

According to Psalm 66:10-12, we are being “refined like silver.”

For you, God tested us; you refined us like silver. You brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs. Psalms 66:10-11 NIV

When I am refined, it feels like I have been tested over and over again. While I would not volunteer for any of those tests, all of them did refine my faith, hope, and love for God.

When we are tested we show God our weakness. He already knows our weaknesses. Like King David and Bathsheba. After God reveals our weaknesses, He points us in the direction of His Word for healing, strength, and character development. He cuts away the fruits of the flesh and makes way for the Fruit of the Spirit.

Waiting strengthens a heart of worship and praise. Our human nature is to grumble and play the victim when we are waiting for God’s answer. Spiritual waiting can lead us to our Bibles, to prayer, praise, and fellowship with righteous people.

This week we looked at three postures of waiting: kneel in trust, raise your hands in praise, and roll your burden to God. Sometimes I forget to raise my hands in praise. Sure, I listen to worship music and sing when I am waiting. But the POSTURE of praise… needs to become more consistent and not just a “church activity.” I can do this at home too.

Being still is a spiritual discipline. Being busy – with our mouths- is an earthly practice. You choose!

Being still is not disobedience to God. We are still when He says to be still. We are moving when He says to move. PUT on the Armor of God….when He initiates. Be still, when He initiates stillness.

According to Becky Harling: “Meekness is not weakness. It is strength under fire.”

I choose strength.

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