Welcome to the womens Bible Cafe™ as we gather for the Extraordinary Power of Praise by Becky Harling. This week we reflected on five Psalms -Psalms 27, 46, 91, 56, and 110. Have you felt like singing this week? I liked Psalm 91 and the praise in this song. It beautifully speaks to my heart!

In Psalm 27:3 David rehearses his past experiences and sings, “Even then I will be confident.” Do you have unshakeable confidence in God, or is your confidence in people and things? Years ago I had confidence in people and was a people-pleaser. Now, my confidence is 100% in God. Reading the Bible has helped me change my mindset.

The original Bible meaning for courage in this Psalm 27 means to have trust in, to feel safe, to be confident or sure. That describes my current relationship with God. My trust is now in Him alone.

If you were to assign a one-word picture to God that best describes how safe you feel with Him, what would your word picture be? You’ll hear me talk about my garden and that is my best word picture. The garden reminds me of the original relationship Adam and Eve had before the serpent disrupted perfect unity. The garden is a place to enjoy the presence of God and worship His creation. It’s a beautiful picture of the original intention between people and God.

This week in the Psalms, we are reminded that God is an ever-present help. I love that God has no office hours, no time clock. He is listening when we pray. He is watching us, knows us, and wants us to draw close to His heart. Wherever we are…God is present. The challenge is being still enough to listen with our hearts.

Psalm 91:14-16 promises God will rescue, protect, answer, deliver, satisfy, be with us, and show us His salvation. All of these are wonderful promises to embrace! Right now I am resting in His satisfaction promise, as I am completely content in my life.

I still have courage when it seems the sky is falling.

I still have courage when the news is negative.

I still have courage when the devil tells me I should be afraid.

Satisfied in Christ, I stand on this promise today.

Becky Harling writes, “I need to rein in my fear and turn my panic into praise.” Praising leaves no room at the table for a pity party. When I praise, my focus is on God and not on my problems. When I praise, my attention is on the promises of God.

Several spiritual practices can help me relax in God. Devotions, prayer, gratitude, worship, and reflection on His creation are just a few. Praying in my garden and seeking His heart.

Take time this week for your own garden time with God. Maybe your sanctuary is a garden like mine. Or a prayer closet, a bench in your yard, or a quiet place that you visit. Be still.

As a reminder, I wear this verse on a silver necklace: The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14 NIV

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