Welcome to the Bible Cafe™ as we study the Extraordinary Power of Praise by Becky Harling. This is a six-week study as we experience praise and thanksgiving through a biblical lens. According to the dictionary, a psalm is a sacred poem or song in which expressions of praise and thanksgiving are prominent. We will study some of the Psalms and explore methods of prayer and praise in the Extraordinary Power of Praise Bible Study.

Most of my praise happens in my garden, as I look at the plants, trees, and sky I am reminded that God created all this. When I hear the birds, again I praise Him for such magnificent creatures. When I drive my car through the mountains, or to the beach, I praise Him again. So basically, I am in a constant state of praise as I feast on His creation with my everyday eyes.

The Psalms also refer to seasons of sadness. Songs of lament express grief or mourning. Do you think the song “Amazing Grace” is a praise song or a lament song? Our answer will be different. For me, I think it depends on the singer. Elvis sings it slowly like a gospel song. Other singers use a higher pitch and a faster tempo. So I think the artist/singer can set the overall tone.

There are 150 Psalms in the Holy Bible. We will only explore a few of these during our six-week Bible study on the Extraordinary Power of Praise by Becky Harling.

In this study, you will practice “praying the Scriptures.” I think that personalizing a Bible verse into a prayer is a “lost art” and something that needs to be practiced regularly. Our modern life is one of convenience- where we sometimes “microwave” everything, including our worship. Let’s be more intentional to worship from the heart and praise God.

Based on your current season of life, would you write a song of praise or a song of lament? Right now I would praise, because I am on the other side of the fear or pain. Like Becky Harling, I’ve learned through regular Bible study to keep my eyes (heart) on Jesus no matter what is happening in the world around me. I got rid of cable TV six years ago, I read many books, and I stay away from environments that do not feed my spirit. My life has room for praise and giving thanks.

You might say the joy in your heart that looks like the gas tank in your car. Is your joy meter full, halfway, or running on empty? Currently, my tank is full and yet I know there will be seasons where it feels empty. Seasons of lament. When this happens, I look forward to filling that back up again with the Psalms!

Let’s be intentional about counting our blessings or seeking joy. During this study I want you to make it a habit to give thanks. Also as we study the Bible, let’s anchor to God’s Word so we are not drifting through life.

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