Welcome back to womens online Bible study! We’re discussing  Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby, and we just finished reading unit eight in the workbook.  More and more this Bible study reminds me of a beautiful tapestry or quilt, as we put the pieces together and find a finished product at the end of our study. This week we learned how to adjust our life to God and we’re having small group discussions based on these adjustments. You are welcome to join these online discussions, even if you’re behind on the reading or just starting with us now.

Blackaby writes “Adjusting your life to God is the second critical turning point in your knowing and doing the will of God.” Last week we discovered the first turning point which he calls a crisis of belief. In our weekly lessons, we saw many examples of churches and individuals who adjusted their lives. Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and a few others were mentioned as men who made major adjustments when called by God. Did you make any adjustment discoveries this week?

Our intimacy with God changes, just like the seasons. Look at Adam and Eve…who had abundant life in the garden with God. They sinned, and intimacy changed because of THEIR choices. And with us too, after we sin intentionally or unintentionally, so we need to SEEK the heart of Jesus, ask forgiveness, and draw closer again- by CHOICE.

In the Song of Solomon- the bride of Christ sees herself as unworthy. So she avoids intimacy. Then, the GROOM reveals His unconditional love and the bride sees herself as worthy. Intimacy is restored.

Blackaby lists 12 men from Scripture who made major adjustments to obey God. Can you think of any women from the Bible, who also adjusted to obey God?  Esther, Mary, Rahab, and Anna all come to mind.

Blackaby writes, “You don’t adjust your life to a concept. You align your life with God. You alter your viewpoints to resemble His.” Since this study, I am more aware of God’s will and looking for where He is working. A great reminder in this study is the “pause” and “listen.” The world can be loud… and if we keep listening too loud, we miss His whisper and call.

As the Bible warns, From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him. John 6:66 NIV

I call this one the 666 verse. Because it reminds us of the will of man, the flesh. To “read in context” is to read the surrounding verses. Look at WHO Jesus was talking to, WHAT Jesus says before the verse quoted. Read it in context. WHAT caused them to turn back to their old ways?

I feel we are being tested- BIG time! So we need to keep the lampstands filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the presence of daily prayer!

In this “heart check” moment, some of the disciples realized their motivations were not God inspired!

The cost of operating in God’s will is opposition. We talked about this in the Zoom group today. It used to be at holiday dinners- Thanksgiving and Christmas- the general family rule is “no politics and no religion talk.” Because it divides families. But now, we have a new opposition sitting at that banquet table. It’s the opposition of “medical” decisions. WOAH. Right there at the holiday table…sits the opportunity to divide (or unite) families in a pandemic.

Opposition is crafted.CRAFTED… to draw your attention away from what God is doing. TO pull your eyes off the Holy Spirit and then you cannot see where God is working. Stand FIRM. Stand.

Imagine a sign on your banquet table: THE LORD’S TABLE.  And unite under the umbrella of His love.