Women’s online Bible study for Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby has been such a blessing!  This online Bible study is life-changing and we hope to offer it again each year at the Women’s Bible Study Cafe! My favorite part of this Bible study has been the engaging conversations we’ve had in our small groups. Together we studied the Seven Realities, How God Speaks, the Crisis of Belief, Adjusting Our Lives to God, Obedience, and the Church.

As we approached the final two weeks of study I did not want my experience to end…I’ve enjoyed every moment of this study. Blackaby writes “Your encounter with Christ through this material has not been an end but a beginning.”  Go back through the workbook and look at the most meaningful statements or scripture verses you discovered. Revisit what God wants you to do in response to the daily workbook lessons. Pray through some of the lessons that were most meaningful for your current season of life. Continue to experience God as you…

  1. Stay immersed in God’s Word through online Bible study
  2. Remain involved with the Womens Bible Cafe™
  3. Fellowship with the women in our small groups
  4. Pray constantly for your family, friends, and Church community
  5. Remain obedient to God’s will and purpose
  6. Be knowledgeable about spiritual warfare

We learned this final week to connect our relationship with God to our relationship with others, including family and the workplace. Reflect Christ in your words and actions towards others. Seek His will in all situations and I guarantee that you’ll have a different experience than you did in the past.

Pray for your parents, spouse, children, coworkers, and friends. Pray for your leaders in the church and the community. Ask God to open your eyes to see, your ears to hear and your heart to love…in all situations on this side of eternity.

This was a long 12-week study. Bible study is about learning and applying the Word. I enjoyed the friendships! Since we were together for 12 weeks instead of 6, there was more time to learn about each other. And I enjoyed the lessons in the Church. My husband and I moved and were at our previous church for 20 years. Now we have been church hunting, and these lessons were helpful during the 3-month study!

Sometimes people will drift away from God and lose intimacy with Him. I would tell her to Come back. Anchor to God, read the Word, attend Bible study, connect with Church, and be part of the body.

According to Blackaby, “One reason Jesus called businesspeople is that they’re not intimidated by the world.” In historical context, 2000 years ago business people were different from today. There was a dependency and interconnectivity. We know from Scripture, some were cheaters. In the modern context, we know there are businesspeople of integrity and those without. While they are not intimated, not all are honest and worthy. Not all will be qualified to serve.

God hates cheating in the marketplace; he loves it when business is aboveboard Proverbs 11:1 MSG

I love seeing the marketplace of the New Testament! There was a sense of unity in helping widows, helping orphans, and taking care of the sick.