Welcome to our new Bible study…today we begin learning Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby. During this Bible Cafe™ Introduction week, you will have the opportunity to participate in online Bible study groups . While it might be tempting to study solo, we have learned the added value of community Bible study. By participating in groups, we examine different concepts from the workbook. And we keep one another accountable to finish the study.

When you join the Experiencing God online Bible study groups, you will see how online Bible study works. Both introverts and extroverts have benefited from the online learning. Before we begin the group, we ask that you will pray for the women leading this Bible study. Also pray for each other as we grow, learn and spend time with God.

If you are a beginner Bible study student, or advanced, these Experiencing God online Bible study groups will help your faith grow!

Modern Bible study author Beth Moore once shared how this study inspired her to write Bible studies for women. She was captivated by the daily workbook format. Just look around and you will see many Bible study workbooks have helped people in their spiritual journal. Ours too!

We’ll begin our study today by reading week one, day one. You’ll want to read today’s lesson in your workbook and tomorrow read the next lesson. So for today, you are reading week one, lesson one.

Some people like the benefit of the audio and video sessions for the study. These resources are available from Lifeway, and helpful. If you were sitting in church small group, your experience usually includes the video session followed by a small group discussion.

Here at the Bible Cafe™ Experiencing God online Bible study groups, we do things differently. You will see that we are geographically separated in many time zones and countries. And so we do not watch videos together. Rather, we do this independently. We recommend the audio sessions to enhance your learning (optional due to the cost).

I have enjoyed listening to the Experiencing God audio sessions with my Phone. Sometimes the lessons are so moving, I want a second cup! -Christine Abraham

If you want the benefit of the audio or video segments, these are the resource links:

Experiencing God Video Sessions (rent) https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/experiencing-god-rent-M00000640

Experiencing God Audio Sessions https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/experiencing-god-knowing-and-doing-the-will-of-god-audio-sessions-M00000182

Experiencing God Audio CD’s https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/experiencing-god-audio-cds-P005095984

Begin your study today by reading week one, day one. Join us in a small group by phone, video, or a social learning group.

On page 271 in your workbook you’ll find instructions on how to organize a spiritual journal. You might use:

  • Three ring binder with 100 sheets of paper and tab dividers
  • Spiral bound notebook, with 100 pages and tab dividers
  • Journal style book, with tab dividers

Keep it simple to use. I like to use a large tote bag to keep my Bible study materials organized and in one place. Inside my tote bag you’ll find my Life Application Study Bible, highlighters, pens and spiritual journal.

On page 270 in your workbook, you’ll find the Experiencing God Covenant. We encourage you to sign this. Also, when you join your Experiencing God online Bible study groups, fill in the names of the women in your group and pray for them daily.

Let’s get started with Experiencing God online Bible study groups!