We’re excited to begin our Esther study at the Bible Cafe™. We’re expecting women from around the world and in different time zones to join this international Bible study. As a reminder, you will need the workbook Esther: Its Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore in order to participate. With so many women participating in the study, we thought it would be helpful to make a list of the most common questions you’re been asking.

What if my book has not arrived yet?
You can download the first week from the Esther book when you visit https://www.lifeway.com/en/product-family/esther

What Bible translation should I use?
If you look at the first inside page of your Esther workbook, with copyright information, you’ll see that the author Beth Moore is using the New International Version (NIV) for this study and also the Holman Christian Standard Bible. We recommend using an online Bible, such as Biblegateway.com if you’d like to use the same translation as the book author or compare parallel translations.

What should I be reading in the book?
Each week you’ll read a lesson at home, five days a week.

Is the study hard to understand?
Initially, it might seem like much history. But as you make progress through each week it becomes a LIVING BOOK and the BIBLE has deep application for you personally. It’s not hard… give yourself at least three weeks to feel comfortable with the format, discussion groups, and Beth Moore teaching methods!! 

How do I get access to the video or telephone discussion groups?
For 60-cents a day you can become a Partner Bible Cafe™ member and support our ministry. BibleCafe.org/join

What religion are you?
Bible Cafe™ is a Christian nondenominational ministry. Our Founder and Executive Director Christine Abraham is Evangelical. Our volunteers are Evangelical, Methodist, Lutheran, Protestant, Southern Baptist and similar denominations. Our Statement of Beliefs is posted here: https://www.biblecafe.org/beliefs/

When and where do the small groups meet?
To see the schedule of small groups look for the pinned post announcement in our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups/

Partner Bible Cafe™ members, look on this membership site under the LIVE EVENTS tab. https://www.biblecafe.org/live-events/

Who is my small group leader?
Our volunteer leaders are listed by name on the group schedule. Each leader will introduce herself to the group during the first week- called the INTRODUCTION WEEK. From the schedule YOU select any day and time. 

Partner Bible Cafe™ members have access codes for the Zoom video/telephone groups. Look under LIVE EVENTS tab.

Can I attend more than one small group?
Yes, you can attend as many small groups as you like, however each group is answering the same discussion questions. If you miss a your regular group time, feel free to attend one on another day of the week. Groups never close and everyone is welcome.

Do I have to be in a small group?
No, small groups are optional.

Do I have to be in the Facebook group?
No, the Facebook group is optional.

Can my friends see what I post in the Facebook group?
No, the settings for the Facebook group are private. The comments will appear in your timeline and only you will see it. Remember though, if you have a friend or family member in the Bible Cafe™ Facebook group, she will see what you post.

Where do I answer group questions?
Each week of the study we post 10 discussion questions in our Facebook groups. You can answer the questions during the small group events.

Partner Bible Cafe™ members can print PDF handouts with the weekly questions. Look on the module for the week and click the PDF link for discussion questions. If you’re a partner member you will also find the questions posted in the forum each week.

Do I need to participate in the group discussions?
It is beneficial to your study and spiritual growth when you participate. We know from leading several online Bible studies that those women who participate in group discussions are the ones who cultivate a deeper relationship with God. Often, women who do not participate in the discussion groups are most likely to drop out out and not finish their study. Make the choice to participate…it’s for your benefit.

Where are the videos?
The videos are available for rent or purchase from Lifeway.com We do not show them online or in Facebook groups. Videos are protected by copyright laws and we respect the work of the authors.

Partner Bible Cafe™ members have access to teaching videos from our leaders. Our Founder and Executive Director- Christine Abraham- has completed Biblical Studies and Theology Program at Liberty University. Each Monday during the Esther study she’ll upload a helpful video for you. 

Where can I find the answers to the video sessions?
Look in the Facebook group under the FILES TAB https://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups/files/

Partner Bible Cafe™ members look under the Esther Resources https://www.biblecafe.org/esther/resources/

Do I need the book to participate?
Yes, the book is required for this study. Amazon, Lifeway, ChristianBooks. Here’s our affiliate link: https://amzn.to/2ZKYr01

What if I need to go on vacation during this study?
Bring your book and Bible with you. Or, when you get back double-up the lessons: For example, Day 1/2 on Monday, Day 3/4 on Tuesday, and Day 5 on Wednesday. 

Do you have scholarships?
No. Maintaining this ministry requires 100% commitment from our students. We need everyone to contribute to stay online and serve worldwide. You’ll need to purchase your own study books.

What if I fall behind in my reading?
Pray and ask yourself why you fell behind. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict you where your heart is in relation to learning Scripture.You are responsible for your own spiritual growth and need to become a self-feeder, craving the Word of God. We’d like to see you transform from a lukewarm faith to a passionate Christian who experiences God in her life! 

What if I have spiritual warfare while trying to do this Bible study?
You will have spiritual warfare, it’s almost guaranteed. As you draw closer to the LORD, Satan will do his best to put a wedge between you and your study. We know that Scripture is armor against the enemy…so he will distract, discourage and deceive you during this study. We encourage you to pray with your small groups and ask others to intercede. Post a prayer request in your small group each week and our community will pray with you.

The Lifeway website is not working!
This usually happens the first day of a Beth Moore study because many women are visiting the Lifeway site at the same time. Go back later in the day and try it again. Or contact Lifeway Customer Service for support.

How do I get email updates for the Esther study?
Use the form below (bright pink!!) and make sure you’re subscribed to the Esther List! After you join list, check your spam folder to see if your email company is hiding our updates. We send updates once a week.