My best friend lived two doors down the street. She saw the ambulance and firetruck in front of my house. After the emergency team drove away, she pounded on my closed door. Still hyperventilating, I confessed a weakness I could no longer hide. My prayer closet was now a war room.

After sobbing through a long story about low platelets and a rare blood disease, she boldly said: “Chris, you’re a private person. Get over yourself and tell people what’s going on so they can help you.” So, I told her my husband turned purple… head to toe, unknown cause. He was in critical care. His platelet count was ONE.

Before this, my neighbors only saw Living Room Christine. I typically greeted them with the smell of clean furniture and freshly baked cookies. It was unconventional for me to greet them with a messy home. And heart.

Getting over myself, I dumped my misery with each sob from my mouth. She heard… “he’s going to live… no longer dying… they moved him out of intensive care. He will be home soon.”  It was on the downside of my crisis when I finally opened my heart.

Then I understood God planted me near Christian neighbors. When they heard my story, they started bringing meals. Mowing the lawn. And saying words that cut to my heart: “We’re praying for you.”

The day my husband came home from the hospital, neighbors placed Welcome Home banners across the lawn. Multi-color balloons decorated the garage door. My three-year-old daughter cheered like a happy toddler. The baby in my womb wiggled a bit.

This is the first of many war room moments. God’s heart and tenderness became more visible in my life. Leaving the comfort of my living room has helped me overcome enemy attacks from Satan. Here I learned to get over myself. And trust God again.


“Does your prayer closet look like a war room or a living room?” -Priscilla Shirer, Armor of God Bible Study 


The good deeds of some people are obvious. And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light. (1 Timothy 5:25 NLT)


I am living for today when I trust God with all my heart. Pouring out my feelings today helps me accept my weakness and embrace comfort. My spiritual war should not isolate me from people who are called to love their neighbors. Confession, weakness, and getting over myself bring me to peace with God.

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