Have you read the news this week about the college admissions cheating scandal? This story has fascinated me from a spiritual perspective and personal view. Here’s why.

Sunday night my husband and I started watching a popular Korean Drama called SKY Castle, which won awards in 2018 for highest rated television show in South Korea. I remarked to my husband “What if American parents are cheating to get their kids into prestigious colleges too?” Just two days later the College Admissions Cheating Scandal is released by the United States Department of Justice.

We talked about integrity with our family.

On Friday I receive an email revealing my daughter’s report card (4.57 GPA) and I rejoice with family and friends. She has worked incredibly hard to achieve this score. As we are celebrating getting closer to her dream of getting into an IVY league college* my phone rings with “unknown caller ID” and it goes into voicemail. I avoid the interruption until the transcription shows a police detective looking for me regarding my daughter’s “acceptance letter to Princeton College.”


Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 NIV

The police detective explains she has an “acceptance letter to Princeton” addressed to my daughter. It has my daughter’s name and home address on the envelope and detective “Christine” (I kid you not) tells me our mailbox was robbed. The detective found a stolen vehicle with our mail inside. But…

It’s not a crisis or a calamity.

None of the important mail comes to our home, only junk mail. The “acceptance letter” was actually an admissions office solicitation to apply to Princeton. We get many of these college letters each week. Perhaps the person who stole our mail will be encouraged to dream big too!

*”Getting into an IVY League college” is a phrase my daughter learned at her college prep high school. Her teachers have instilled the idea that students should always prepare for getting into an IVY League college, even if they decide not to go there. My teenager wants to be an architect and attend art college but accepted the challenge to dream BIG.

Delight in God even when your acceptance letter to Princeton is stolen from your mailbox. When you get to the college of your dreams through integrity- not cheating- you’ll be delighted in yourself too.

Update: Since Detective Christine called, we now have a guard dog watching the mailbox and barking when our mail is delivered. This audible call alerts the entire neighborhood to go grab their mail. 

Photo by Marius Christensen on Unsplash