Let this Christmas change you! These words from author Elisa Morgan are perfectly written as a clue to the overall theme of the book. Christmas Changes Everything by Elisa Morgan is unlike any advent book or Christmas study book. It’s a well-crafted masterpiece.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is the tapestry of the characters. Elisa Morgan takes each person in the Christmas story and shows her readers how the characters are relevant today. Now when I think of the manger scene under my tree or the Christmas Village on my shelf, I am reminded of how the birth of Jesus changed these people. It’s a more beautiful scene than I first imagined.

Another thing I enjoyed about the book Christmas Changes Everything are the “change point” prompts at the end of each chapter. These reflection questions are helpful for today.

Finally, that last chapter was like unwrapping a beautiful gift. If you select a focus word for the year or decide to meditate on a specific keyword from Scripture, you’ll find a list waiting in the afterword chapter. It’s brilliant!

book cover

As a Christmas Bible study, read two chapters a week and you’ll have a 5-week study for your group. Most Christmas studies are 25-day Advent studies and so I like the depth and content of this character theme study. Each person has a place in the Christmas story- and so do you!