What does my diet have to do with my role in womens ministry? More than you think!

Sometime after birthing two daughters by emergency surgery, working four jobs to help pay the bills, fueling myself on lattes to work seven days a week… I looked at my growing body and realized its out of balance.

God designed me beautiful when He knitted me in my mother’s womb. He created me with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a super petite body frame. Most of my life until I carried the weight of my children, I was a healthy weight and full of energy.

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13 NLT

As I struggled through the norms of parenting and marriage, my body found comfort in food. LOTS of sweets and salty foods. To combat the food addiction I joined every weight watching program, bought every fad diet book, spent too much money on nutritional supplements and doctors who promised to fix me.

The more I struggled to regain my balance (because petite body frames can’t hold much weight without swaying) the more I felt shamed by my appearance. This shame started keeping me hidden and gave me excuses for covering up the beauty beneath. My wardrobe went from fashionable bright colors to a dark black uniform. If I found something that fit and hid my weight- I’d buy it in three colors because I despised shopping.

I’m probably alone in this.

Alone in telling where I’m at, why I struggle, and how God is lifting me out of this pit.

Being 50 pounds overweight (there I said the word) keeps me in bondage to shame. Its deception from the enemy of my soul. Satan perverts truth.

Because overweight women are superbly beautiful. Intelligent. God-magnifying creatures who care more about Him than about their flesh. His beloved.

…to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6 NKJV

My diets failed.

Every. Single. Time.

I’d lose 10 pounds and it would boomerang back.

Because I saw myself as the flesh sees me and allowed the spirit of deception to distort my view, I became a pawn in the chessboard of a huge multi-billion dollar weight loss industry.

Fortunately my new medical doctor has ZERO compassion and empathy when she wrote on my chart the word OBESITY.

Stunningly true.

I wanted to hate her for it while at the same time hugging her for not sugar-coating what we both see in me. A health crisis on the horizon if I continue to carry 50 extra pounds on a petite frame. Just in case you’re reading this from an international location- that’s about 23 kilograms.

I’m done with dieting and now teaching myself to..

…eat for fuel and not for emotional peace. (2 John 1:3)

…eat when I am hungry not when the clock demands. (Acts 14:17)

…discipline my mind to eat what is good. (Daniel 1:8)

My prayer in the last two months of this year is for you to see less of me and more of Jesus in me. To see the shame lift away (ask me about our NEW course Shame Off You* by Denise Pass).

My prayer is for you to see a girl who once fed herself with sugar when she truly craved the comfort of her Father God. Sugar was a counterfeit. Jesus transformed her heart, soul, mind, spirit and body.

How does shame impact ministry leaders and hinder REVIVAL?

When we’re burdened with heart conditions rooted in shame, we carry a spirit of rejection wherever we travel. That rejection can be triggered in small offenses or big stabs in the back. We’re ANTICIPATING to be rejected because of something inside us.

For me keto eating is FUN. Keto = high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet

Today I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites from page 272 of Simply Keto* by Suzanne Ryan  and I’m looking forward to Bacon Fudge from The Keto Diet* by Leanne Vogel.

The peanut butter bites covered in chocolate were fabulous… so I carried a plate across the street for my new neighbors Kim and Tom to share with coffee! If our Bible Cafe™ leaders were all in the same room together…I’d bring this to share. Its made with sugar-free peanut butter, almond flour, vanilla, Lilys chocolate, and MCT oil. I had all five ingredients in the house and it was simple to make.

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I shared my struggle with food and weight. Now its your turn. How does the spirit of rejection attack women? Why is it so strong? Drop a comment below and our moderators will approve it. (Spam filtering is on to keep the hackers off this ministry site).


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