A few years ago when my 10 year old daughter came home from school I sensed she had a troubled heart. She was in the fourth grade at a new school and said “Mom, it was the worst day of my life.” After a prayer and a hug I gave her some personal space.

About an hour later she came to show me a letter she had written to her new best friend. Here is what my 10-year-old wrote (unedited):

Thank you for being with me in tough times. Thank you for your comfort and care. I have needed you lots of times before.

We have been friends for 3 months. You are my bestie for life. I promise to keep the secrets told and the stories said. Please take my promise and keep it safe.

Please hold on to life even though it shall get harder.

You will get love, fortune and friends and lose love, fortune and friends. But I shall help you with this.

When you fall I shall pick you up from the dirt. And if your faith gets shallow, God is with you forever. Don’t let life pull your tongue.

Some men you love shall say no, but one will say yes.

Love is kept for your soul mate. So don’t give it all to a man who uses you.

Be kept from the devil with the Lord.

If you need help, prayers shall be sent from God for your help.

Hold on to precious you.

Her letter included the drawing of an angel who resembles Jesus and a girl on the earth holding a cross with the words “Your Life.”

With her permission I shared her words with my Twitter friends and one replied “Your daughter amazes me and gives me hope for the future.”

I’m convinced that God is raising up a new generation of believers and we do have hope in our future.



Do you have the courage to speak truth with your friends? What needs to happen to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through your words to comfort and encourage others? Drop a comment below!


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