2022 Summer Bible Study

We’re excited to begin another summer of FREE study at the Bible Cafe™. We’re expecting more than 2,000 participants for the free Revelation Bible study. As a reminder, you will want the book Revelation: The Smart Guide to the Bible by Daymond Duck. Our Introduction week begins the week of July 11, 2022, where you’ll meet your leaders and make small group friends. Grab a book and show up for a free virtual small group at the Bible Cafe™- everyone is welcome!

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With so many women participating in the 2022 summer Bible study, we know you’ll have many questions. So here’s a summary of the most common questions we receive before starting  an online Bible study:

2022 Summer Bible Study with Virtual Small Groups

What if my book has not arrived yet?
You can download the book in Kindle format and get instant access. No waiting for a delivery truck.

What should I be reading in the book?
Each week you’ll read three easy chapters.

What Bible translation should I use?
If you look at the first inside page of your study book, with copyright information, you’ll see that the author is using the New King James Version (NKJV) for this study. Use any Bible you prefer. We recommend using an online Bible app, such as Biblegateway.com or YouVersion.com if you’d like to use the same translation as the book author, or examine a passage in multiple translations (NIV, ESV, NLT, for example).

Do we need to answer the questions each week? Where do I find them?

We have prepared ten discussion questions for each small group conversation. Christine Abraham will send you these questions by email when you REGISTER for updates.

When and where do the small groups meet?
To see the schedule of small groups, register for this study. We will send you the discussion schedule by email. FREE groups are meeting on Facebook- in a private group.

Who is my small group leader?

She will introduce herself to the group as soon as all the women have joined the study. You will have a leader and a co-leader, both are there to facilitate the discussion and pray for you.

Can I attend more than one small group?

Yes, you can attend as many small groups as you like. For example, if you miss your regular group on Tuesday, feel free to attend another group during the week so you will not fall behind.

2022 Summer Bible Study

What time and where do we meet?
We meet many times during the week- mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Can my friends see what I post in the Facebook group?
The settings for the Facebook group are private. The comments will appear in your timeline and only you will see them. Remember though, if you have a friend in the same Facebook group, she will see what you

Do I need to participate in the group discussions?
It is beneficial to your study and spiritual growth when you participate. The enemy of God will convince you that your words don’t matter. We know from leading several online Bible studies that women who participate in group discussions are more likely to finish their studies. And so, the women who do not participate in the small groups are most likely to drop out and not complete the study.

Do I need the book to participate?
Yes, it is recommended for this study. Our discussions are based on the weekly reading assignment from Revelation: The Smart Guide to the Bible

What if I need to go on vacation during this study?
Bring your book and Bible with you.

What if I fall behind in my reading?
Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you get back on track. Don’t quit just because you are behind or feel disappointed in yourself. Reach out to your small group for support and encouragement. They will cheer you on, all the way to the finish line!

What if I have spiritual warfare while trying to do this Bible study?
You will have spiritual warfare, it’s almost guaranteed. As you draw closer to the LORD, Satan will do his best to put a wedge between you and your study. We know that Scripture is armor against the enemy…so he will distract, discourage and deceive you during this study. We encourage you to pray with your small groups and ask others to intercede. Post a prayer request in our group. We have a designated team of women who will be praying for you.

Welcome to online Bible study!

Discernment in the Bible

Join me in a Bible Cafe™ study group, and you’ll find some interesting conversations. Today we discussed discernment in the Gideon Bible Study. As I listened to one of the participants share her life story, I thought more about her words. And so, we pulled out Bible dictionaries and researched the meaning of discernment in the Bible. It seemed like a good time to practice what we learned. In Bible study, this is called “application” as we seek to apply the Scriptures to our life.

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After agreeing on the meaning of discernment in the Bible, I asked, “When do you plan on writing books?” Because she has a long history of working in the education system, it seems likely she has a heart for children. Her expression on the other side of the Zoom screen was priceless! This has been on her mind since she retired five years ago.

We continued our conversation about her hesitancy to publish books. Like many people, she wondered if she was ‘called” to write, or if this was her own will and desire. We talked about this with our small group and saw how Gideon struggled with discernment too. In the well-known Bible story, Gideon lays out the fleece and asks God for a sign. He is unable to discern God’s will because of his novice spirituality. He was not struggling with unbelief. Discernment is the opportunity to seek God for confirmation.

Then Gideon said to God, “If you are truly going to use me to rescue Israel as you promised, prove it to me in this way. I will put a wool fleece on the threshing floor tonight. If the fleece is wet with dew in the morning but the ground is dry, then I will know that you are going to help me rescue Israel as you promised.” And that is just what happened. When Gideon got up early the next morning, he squeezed the fleece and wrung out a whole bowlful of water. (Judges 6:36-38 NLT)

As my friend in Bible study shared her testimony, I asked her another question: “Do you want to take your testimony to publication (writing or blogging) or the grave? That’s not hard to answer. She knows her Bible and she knows Jesus. Without hesitation, she quoted the Scriptures about giving testimony.

Do you want to take your testimony to publication or the grave?

As a group, we examined our hearts and answered this same question. Once we realize we are living for today- not the grave- our hesitancies evaporate. We move forward, share our stories, and give glory to God. Our love for Jesus inspires us to give a testimony.

Virtual Online Bible Studies

This week at the international Bible Cafe™ I joyfully participated in several virtual groups. On Monday morning I joined a small group discussion for Gideon. We met with Elder Sheila Edens-Brown for an introduction, learned something about our group members, and committed to the reading assignment for the week. 

Monday evening, Missionary Mom Stasia Nielsen launched her introduction for a study on Philippians: What Matters Most. We gathered virtually to meet Stasia in Mexico, where she leads small group discussions from her living room. She encouraged us to share something about ourselves, so we could get comfortable with the virtual Bible study format.

Tuesday morning I met with my group to discuss One in a Million. This life changing study has impacted each of us in different areas of our life. Once again I was reminded how much this study presses upon my heart. While two million people were invited into the Promised Land, only TWO entered! The path requires several steps, which we talked about in our virtual Bible study group. Incredible study and I am thankful we uploaded the content from our study so other people can access it on-demand.

Virtual Bible Studies Happening Now 

Tuesday evening I joined Dotsi Campbell for her virtual study called Armor of God. This spiritual warfare study is not to be missed. Each week with Dotsi, we discuss the Ephesians 6 spiritual armor. Wise words sprinkled with Dotsi humor have made this a memorable experience. We are finishing the study next week, but the teaching videos from Dotsi are available on-demand at the Bible Cafe™ University.

Wednesday morning I gathered at the virtual  Bible Cafe™ to discuss Gideon. This time I joined Janella Cantu-Myricks as a group leader. She has great insight and wisdom. And so we learn from her testimonies and teachings.

This committed leader shows up and overcomes her spiritual attacks. I remember the morning of the FIRST group she was leading, Janella was in an auto accident with her grandkids. Gratefully, nobody was injured in either car.

This week, Janella had a painful fall, broke her glasses, and injured her eye. As her voice and beautiful spirit become more visible, she experiences the inconveniences of spiritual warfare. And so our virtual Bible study group has been praying for her, nonstop!

More Virtual Bible Studies 

Thursday night I joined a study with Sonya Morris Nelson called Lies Women Believe. Its an updated version of a study we all enjoy. Author Nancy DeMoss applies biblical truths to modern lies. Sonya helps us see the truths from the Bible. 

Friday morning I met with my group of virtual Bible study women. Dotsi and myself have been gathering with this group for several studies. Currently, we are discussing Gideon.

Fill your cups at the virtual Bible Cafe™ we have a seat waiting for you.
Everyone is welcome. 

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The Time I Accidentally Bought 25 Pounds of Flour

The Time I Accidentally Bought 25 Pounds of Flour is a laughable memory. Let me begin my story by sharing the backstory. During the recent pandemic, I thought I was getting a great price for a bag of flour. My same-day grocery store had flour in stock and my regular store was out of stock. Because I placed my order online, I was unaware of the physical size of the flour bag.

(image: Unsplash)

The price for Miller Milling All Purpose Flour seemed great at $9.35. Until the delivery arrived to my front porch. As my husband carried in the groceries, I heard a snickering laugh. And then with amusement, we both realize what I had done. In “saving money” I accidentally purchased a 25 pound bag of flour! Restaurant quality.

This became a challenging problem for two reasons. First, the 25 pound bag of flour was too large for my kitchen cabinets. What will I do with this beast? Second, we were in a quarantine and unable to entertain people at home. And so I needed to be creative with my 25 pound blunder.

Looking through my same-day bargains, I found 500 food prep gloves. It seemed they would now come in handy. Slipping my triple washed hands into the food gloves, I divided up my flour into gallon bags. Then I started asking neighbors if they need a bag of flour. Many said yes!

Wearing my protective face gear and putting food gloves on my hands, I carefully placed bags of flour on their porches. Then I sent everyone a text message and identified the white powder in the bag. Embarrassing, as I was just trying to solve a storage problem.

Two days later, I get a text from a neighbor. “We made cinnamon rolls today, do you want some?” Of course, I said yes!

One more day, another neighbor. “We made lemon scones today, can I put some in your mailbox?” Well, yes!
At this point I no longer had self-control over gluten (and inflammation). Pandemics will do this, I have since learned.

Soon I found myself baking my “pandemic bread” and delivering loaves to my neighbors. After a tree fell in a storm, I put pandemic bread on their porch. During a 2-day power outage, I delivered pandemic bread (baked in advance) to every neighbor for breakfast.

And when my college kid was driving back to her dorm, I placed three pandemic breads into her care package. According to her roomies, the home-baked bread was “fantastic!”

(image: Christine Abraham)

It was madness, this gift of bread!

When a neighbor called me “Florence Nightingale” for delivering bread to people in a storm, I knew I needed to stop. My reputation was exceeding my desire to make any more bread! And the gluten inflammation was making me swell up like a blowfish.

Finally, six months later, I used up my 25 pounds of flour. And so I humbled myself and bought a small 5 pound bag for my cupboard. Life seems to be returning to normal, again.

Bible Cafe™ Study Guide

Bible Café™ study guides are available to members of the Bible Cafe™ University. We provide a Bible study guide for small group discussions. Each Bible Cafe™ study guide includes a set of 10 discussion questions. People often ask us for questions before they meet with their small groups. And so, we created Bible study guides for our members at Bible Cafe™ University. Join today!

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To print your Bible Cafe™ Study Guide, login to the All-Access area at courses.biblecafe.org

Go to the course you are currently discussing with your small group. Under the TAB called “worksheets,” you will find your Bible study guide.

We design our Bible study guides to help people understand the Bible. Each question is helpful to start a conversation with a small group. Perhaps you are doing a Bible study with just one other person. The printable Bible Cafe™ study guide is a helpful tool. Or you might be involved in a Bible Cafe™ study by Zoom. Again, the printable study guide is very helpful as you plan your answers and discuss them with your new friends.

Since 2009, Bible Café™ leaders have been using our study guides to help people study, connect, and grow!

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