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Bible Café™ study guides are available to members of the Bible Cafe™ University. We provide a Bible study guide for small group discussions. Each Bible Cafe™ study guide includes a set of 10 discussion questions. People often ask us for questions before they meet with their small groups. And so, we created Bible study guides for our members at Bible Cafe™ University. Join today!


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We design our Bible study guides to help people understand the Bible. Each question is helpful to start a conversation with a small group. Perhaps you are doing a Bible study with just one other person. The printable Bible Cafe™ study guide is a helpful tool. Or you might be involved in a Bible Cafe™ study by Zoom. Again, the printable study guide is very helpful as you plan your answers and discuss with your new friends.

Since 2009, Bible Café™ leaders have been using our study guides to help people study, connect, and grow!

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Acts Bible Study Introduction

Welcome to the Acts Bible Study introduction week. This is an online Bible Cafe™ study introduction where we gather in virtual small groups to meet our leaders and community members. Expect to spend one hour together- by Zoom, video, or a private FB group. This is great time to make some new friends! We’ll find out where are you from and what you like most about where you are living.

(image: Bigstock)

Gather with me on Monday nights and you’ll meet women from Ireland, Canada, Colorado, California, and more. In my Wednesday Zoom group we have members from California, Oregon, Texas, Boston, and New York. On Thursday mornings, Stasia Nielsen is leading her Zoom group from Mexico. Friday mornings I am sipping coffee with Dotsi Campbell as we chat about Jesus -virtually. 

Did you notice that we are scattered in many locations? This is something women really love at the Bible Cafe™ Our uniqueness brings a variety of opinions and experiences into the weekly discussion. Personally, I think Heaven’s Banquet Table might look like this too. A diverse blend of ages, life stages, locations, careers, and coffee/tea. Pour me a cup and I will sit with you all day talking about Jesus. 

By the way, I asked a fun icebreaker question this week: If we came over to your house for a visit today, would you serve tea or coffee? Informal or fancy?

After laughing like girls at a tea shop, we started talking about our hospitality (or lack of…) Living near the ocean, I tend to be informal with almond croissants and hot coffee for my guests. Yet on special occasions- like  Mother’s Day or Royal Weddings- I set the fancy dishes, three-tiered trays, and mini tiaras for my guests. Feather boas and velvet hats are a must. As a hybrid in hospitality, I’ll bake a fabulous quiche but fill in the party trays with pastries from the local bakery.

As you can see, the “café” concept is built around community. We look forward to talking about the Bible, sharing a good laugh, praying for one another, and seeing your faces (on Zoom).

Most of the Bible Cafers in the Acts study like to participate by sharing answers AND listening to others. At first, some of the women will observe the group and wait to answer a question. Since this is not a classroom, the leaders do not call on you by name. If you have something to say- speak up. Every voice adds depth to the conversation and we love hearing your thoughts each week.

For this study, our small groups are blended. Some women say they are in a season of spiritual sleepwalking, while others feel spiritually awake. What a great opportunity to learn from one another.

If we notice you are missing from the group or falling behind, many of you asked for accountability. A private message or a text message (Zoomers) was most preferred. Someone said it’s easy to disappear or walk away from a larger group gathering. She’s right. And we have encouraged our leaders to pray for you and keep you on track to the finish line.

When you show up in small group, you add value to the community. We witness your faith and we share our testimonies too.

When God calls us to Bible study, He is calling us to a deeper faith.

Let’s Get Started!



Bible Cafe™ Founder & Director

CHRISTINE ABRAHAM is the Bible Cafe™ Founder and helps people understand the Bible, fellowship in small groups, and develop a lasting relationship with Jesus. She earned a Graduate of Theology degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. Christine has facilitated more than 100 Bible Cafe™ studies. She is a popular Christian Life & Leadership Coach. She lives in California with her husband and two rescue dogs. 

Acts Online Bible Study

Acts Online Bible Study

6 Week Online Bible Study

Starts January 10, 2022

Book of Acts Online Bible study is happening at the Bible Cafe™. When you study Acts: Awakening to God in Everyday Life by Melissa Spoelstra, you will learn about the work of Jesus after He ascended to Heaven. Come join this Bible Cafe™ study and expand your understanding of the Bible.

“Come experience a greater awakening to God’s Holy Spirit and grasp the urgency in advancing the Gospel.”

For this online Bible Study OBS you will complete a daily lesson and read one chapter of the Book of Acts. Expect to spend 20 to 30 minutes with your Bible each day, five days a week. Many women enjoy starting the day with a Bible Cafe™ study. Some like finishing their day with a Bible Cafe™ study. The choice is yours- grab a book and let’s get started.

Once a week we will have a conversation centered around the reading assignments. We meet in a private Facebook group (free) or by Video/Phone.

Bring your coffee cup, your fancy tea cup, or a glass of water- women love to study, connect, and grow at the Bible Cafe™ each week!

Required book

Acts: Awakening to God in Everyday Life (PARTICIPANT BOOK) by Melissa Spoelstra

Acts Online Bible Study Resources

Required Book: Acts: Awakening to God in Everyday Life (PARTICIPANT BOOK) by Melissa Spoelstra. Available from Lifeway, Abingdon Women, Christian Book or favorite bookstores.

This book is available in Kindle ebook (great for international students). To order Kindle version CLICK HERE

Optional: Teaching videos are copyright protected and available through Cokesbury (DVD or streaming) to see videos from Melissa Spolestra CLICK HERE


Learn to awaken to God’s Spirit today and every day by studying the Book of Acts with Melissa Spoelstra.

Whether it’s because of distractions, busyness, or a case of the blahs, we can experience a drift toward indifference in our spiritual lives. We have a need for an ongoing spiritual awakening if we want to become more aware of God’s presence and activity in our everyday lives.

In Acts: Awakening to God in Everyday Life, a six-week study of the Book of Acts by Melissa Spoelstra, you will journey with the first followers of Jesus and witness the birth and growth of the early church through spiritual awakening to the power of God’s Spirit, message, freedom, grace, mission, and direction.

From their experiences you will learn postures that will help you attune your own spiritual heart to experience God’s presence, hear God’s voice, and see God at work all around.

This study offers a fresh encounter with God to prepare you to:
– Face daily battles
– Be able to discern the messages of our culture
– Be ready to share God’s love with others always

Reminder: Bible Cafe™ facilitates online Bible study courses. We are not affiliated with this author or publisher. The above resources provide information consistent with the latest research regarding the subject area. Bible Cafe™ does not necessarily endorse specific personal, religious, philosophical, or political positions found in these resources.


Elijah Faith & Fire Bible Study Introduction

Welcome to womens online Bible study! This week we begin the Elijah: Faith & Fire Bible Study written by Priscilla Shirer. We are excited to join women around the world for this #biblecafe online Bible study. Get a book and join us at the virtual table! Bring your coffee, Bible, and writing pens. Let’s study, connect, and grow.

While you may be tempted to “skip” the introduction week for a Bible study, here are some reasons why I enjoy showing up (and you will too).

3 Reasons Why You Should Show Up to the Introduction

First, we ask study questions and set a foundation for the course. This week we’re discussing how to remain steadfast in difficult cultures. We examine scripture and seek to understand the Biblical meaning. We are an interdenominational ministry with women from various Christian denominations. So, we have the opportunity to discover our similarities and differences.

Second, we connect through our computer screens, Zoom cameras, and smart phones. This is a wonderful way to make new friends with a common interest. Since we are Christians studying the same Bible theme, it is a perfect opportunity to connect with other women. Bible Cafe groups are not divided by age, marriage status, kids/no kids, and other interests. And so, n these online groups, we are blended together and connect with a variety of women. Some are brand new Believers, others are growing in faith, and many are lifelong students of the Bible. Everyone is welcome.

Third, we grow closer to God. As we study the Bible, we draw closer to the author and perfecter of our faith. We seek to understand, know Jesus, and transform our lives. And we do this right at the beginning in the introduction week. Come join us for the Elijah Faith and Fire Bible Study.

2 Reasons Why You Won’t Show Up

When I asked our community why they did not show up to the Introduction Week, there were two common answers.

Reason #1 We may feel fear or insecurity.

Reason #2 We think we already know it.

These are two interesting obstacles to Bible study. I can certainly relate to the first reason. Several years ago, my insecurity was high, and my faith was weak.  And so, I turned around and walked out of my first Bible study. A woman from carpool saw me walking out of the church. She blocked my path with her petite body and stood 12 inches from my nose. With a piercing look into my blue eyes she said, “Christine, if you walk out now then Satan wins.” It’s been nearly 25 years since Lisa blocked my path. I have not forgotten those Spirit-filled words and I have completed 100 Bible studies since that day. Jesus wins!

The second reason for not attending the Introduction week is familiarity. Sometimes, we become overly familiar with a Bible study community. We feel there is nothing new under the sun. So we miss that first week, and gallantly show up when we get to the “meat” of the study. Personally, I have found the first meeting extremely exciting! This is when I learn the backstories of the women at my church table or online group. It is where we find common ground and purpose. This is also when the group leaders create attendance lists and start praying for you (and me).

Elijah Faith and Fire Bible Study Starts This Week

Now that you understand the three reasons and two objections to Introduction Week, I would love to see you in our groups. Grab your book, Bible, and pens. I will see you at the virtual Bible Cafe for the Elijah Faith & Fire Introduction week!




Gideon Bible Study [Week 6]

Welcome to our final week of the Gideon Bible study by Priscilla Shirer.  Throughout this study we’ve learned how God is able to turn weakness into strength. By now you realize there is more to Gideon than wet fleece! Our final chapter this week unveils the obstacles Gideon faced- his own self interests and idolatry.

(image: Unsplash)

We had the opportunity to complete “The Interview” and then reflect on own situations from a Biblical perspective. Did you claim your own idols after the lesson on page 150? It’s easy to read the pages of scripture and judge Gideon, and as we learned this week, much harder to judge ourselves. Yet for a Bible study to be effective and have lasting impact, we need to apply scripture to our individual lives. We need to live it…not just read it!

What impacted you most during the Gideon Bible study? Which lesson or statement from Priscilla Shirer took root inside your heart? It would so so wonderful to gather together at the Table and hear your personal stories. In the meantime, we have s all group experience where you can gather and share your thoughts with each other. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook look for the hashtag #LessonsfromGideon and see what others are posting about this Bible study.

In the final chapter this week, I personally discovered how something inherently good became an idol in my life. I’ve know that I struggle with emotional eating, and food which is good has power over me when I use it to fill an emotional need. I was reminded this week that only God fills those empty spaces in my life, and the solution is to turn to Him in prayer and not food.

Chocolate is my cure-all for any mood…and something I need to limit inside my home. I use chocolate to celebrate something or to comfort a feeling I might be having. How about you? Is your idol a Facebook game, a television show, an addictive habit…what are you a bit obsessed over? For some women, even Bible study can become an idol when it becomes a badge on the wall and replaces a relationship with God. Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves.

Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test? 2 Cor 13:5 NIV

Pause from your busy day or your heavy burdens and examine your own heart. Make sure you are in alignment with His will, in relationship with Him and detached from potential idols. This needs to be a daily habit as you center your life inside His Presence.

My prayer for you is that by finishing this Bible study, you now recognize your own strengths and weakness from a spiritual perspective. With this knowledge, you are then in a position of authority in spiritual warfare. Walk in victory…beside Jesus. 

 Thank you for joining us in this Bible study! It has been a pleasure to spend this time with you. Thank you to our 20 volunteers who lead the small groups and pray for you by name. God is good, always!

Final Assignment 

  • Write a book review for Priscilla Shirer 
  • Tell someone how much you enjoyed the Gideon study!

Gideon Bible Study [Week 5]

What an amazing week of online Bible study at the Womens Bible Cafe™ We’ve just finished reading week five of the Gideon Bible study written by Priscilla Shirer. We saw a major turn of events as our Biblical hero goes from a God-centered life back into a self-centered life. Yes…BACK into his self interests.

(image: Unsplash)

Equipped by God to overcome his own insecurity, Gideon the hero becomes Gideon the disrespected in a very short time. His demise was listening to the flesh rather than listening to the Lord. Has this ever happened to you?

It’s easy to be deceived by the enemy of lies. When we stop seeking wisdom from God through prayer, Bible study and fellowship…we open the door to spiritual warfare. Today in my local Bible study our leader suggested memorizing Galatians 5:19-21 NIV so we recognize the works of the flesh inside us.

The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Galatians 5:19-21 NIV )

I wonder if Gideon would have experienced a different outcome if he knew and prayed these things! What about you? Do you recognize that when you are acting in anger, discord, or jealousy…you are acting against the Fruit of the Spirit. Perhaps each of us is a bit like Gideon in someway or at sometime in our lives.

When God uses our weakness for His strength….we need to stay in relationship with Him so that strength is not misused by the flesh. For Gideon, insecurity became courage and then courage became sin. Make sure you don’t cross the line with the gifts the Lord give to you. A wise woman knows when to yield to the Spirit and capture all thoughts through a Christ-centered heart.

I hope you’ll be joining the small groups this week to discuss week five. Did you know that next week is our last week of the Gideon online Bible study? This study has really gone by fast!

Assignment For the Next Week

  • Read Week Six in the workbook
  • Listen to Audio Session six and seven or Video Session six and seven at (optional due to cost)