On the way to school this morning, my Little Barista said she was not sure if she wants to go back to Christian school next year. And so we agreed to pray about it and seek God’s will for her education. Then, in the afternoon carpool, Little Barista was so excited she could hardly stand it. She hugs me tight and tells me “today has been the most amazing and best day of my life.” She’s in second grade.

(Image: Christine Abraham)

With excitement in her voice, she wants me to know that something wonderful happened today. But she wants to wait and tell me in the car. Two seconds later, she tells me in the middle of an empty playground.

“Mom,” she squeals. “Today after school, this boy asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, and I said yes.”

Smiling, I tell her that must feel wonderful. Then she reaches into her pocket and pulls out her “ring.”

“Look what he gave me, Mom, a ring!”

Again I smile and tell her how pretty it is…from the candy machine, still wrapped in its plastic bubble. Memories of the time I received a similar ring.

When we get to the car, she calls her Dad on the cell phone and shares her excitement. Using  the words of SpongeBob they both sing, “It’s the best day ever!”

After she calms down, she says “Mom, I think God just told me where he wants me to go to school next year! He wants me to stay here.”‘

I should mention one important detail……the ring is from the pastor’s eight-year-old son.

God must be smiling today. Because I am too. -Christine Abraham

(Image: Christine Abraham)