Worry about anti-Christian teaching, sex ed, hopelessness, even in elementary schools.
Your kids in public schools are swayed by secular teaching from elementary through high school. Help insulate them by finding other Christian friends early on before they lose their faith. If you see the next generation in dire need of direction and want children to know the love of God, then pull back the cover and start reading. Our students are barraged daily, but you can help unite them for mutual support and the right friends.

This book presents an innovative and effective solution already proven to turn the tide:

  • Learn that Free Speech Rights apply also to Christians, from elementary through high school.
  • Find out that kids can freely talk about their faith in class discussions, homework assignments, talent shows, presentations, lunch, and wear Christian clothing, form prayer groups or clubs.
  • Protect Christian students from peer pressure and socialistic teaching.
  • Know that the teachers’ Free Speech Rights are limited – but the students’ rights are not limited.
  • Get the information you need to stop being intimidated by teachers and principals.
  • Discover the legal rights parents and concerned adults have to start Christian clubs.
  • See how Christian leaders legally share the love of God and bring hope to schools.
  • Experience that public schools are wide open to Christian Clubs because the law is on our side.
  • Learn clear strategies to bring the love of God directly to students.
  • Join thousands of people who successfully started Christian clubs in public schools.

Bring the Light to School will empower parents, pastors, principals, and public school students as well as teachers to understand and exercise their Christian rights.

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