Welcome back to our study at the Womens Bible Cafe, as we celebrate a new beginning. At the end of the Breaking Free Bible study, you will not be the same woman you were when you started the study. You are breaking free! In our sixth week of Breaking Free by Beth Moore, we’re finding beauty from the ashes.

When you think of the word “beauty” what comes to your mind? I think about inner beauty, the humbleness of a person. Externally, three are many beautiful women who are unkind and unloving. But internally is where the heart shines most. We are God’s masterpiece and were created for His enjoyment.

In our study this week, we learned about the ancient practice of wearing sackcloth to symbolize grief. In modern times, how do people symbolize grief or celebrate life? For the past few years, I found it strange that people would take funeral “selfies.” I found myself standing graveside, grieving, and a cousin snapping photos for her Instagram account. It was very irritating as I wanted my privacy at the grave.

Another modern grief practive is crying. Some cultures hire grave criers, to weep and express distress over the loss of a loved one. In South Korea, families celebrate the anniversary of death with a formal ceremony and a big meal.

Sometimes in American culture, we try to avoid pain at all costs and hide our grief. Yet there is a great Grief Share program to help people comfortable express themselves. Overall, grief is both cultural and grief is personal. It’s a topic worth exploring.

“God wants to surpass our dreams,” writes Beth Moore. So why do we limit our dreams to our understanding, instead of His? What needs to change for us to surpass our limitations? We need to put trust and confidence in Him instead of our abilities. Rather than looking at what we can do, we need to remember what God can do. His view helps us break our limiting beliefs.

Beth Moore reminds us to think of the implications of the term bride. What are a few things the word bride implies that the word wife may not? A bride has anticipation of something that hasn’t happened yet, a future event. She is often queen for a day and will seek beauty treatments for her special ceremony. She is getting to know her Groom day by day.

Beth Moore writes “Our Bridegroom doesn’t allow us to grow too comfortable in one place.” Describe a place where you have followed your Bridegroom. What did He have for you there? Many women said He led them to the Womens Bible Cafe! They were in a season of seeking God and landed on this website- where you are today.

Be Blessed.

Christine Abraham writes for the Bible Cafe™ community. Learn about living by the Fruit of the Spirit as you enjoy her online Bible studies. Join Christine at the Bible Cafe™ University for weekly Bible teaching.